Congratulations to Chin-Chi and Sarai!

My dear childhood friend, Chinch, got married today! I sooooooo wish I were there to share in his special day...but he's all the way out in NYC. *BOO-HOO!* =(
A month ago, when Aric and I were debating on going, the air and hotel fares weren't too bad...but we had 2 major factors that made deciding hard:
1) it would be a weekend-trip only. I never been to NY before and would love to spend more time taking in the sights.
2) the wedding and reception is "Adult-Only". And I'm not comfortable leaving Ashlyn with a sitter. *sigh* So as you can see, I opted to come up North instead. =P Hey Leev, I want a full report on the wedding...and pictures, too! Thanks! hehehe

Today, I took Ashlyn and Marisa to Ivy and Oli's. For lunch, I picked up Happi House along the way. Ivy, Olivia, and I watched bits and pieces of "Adaptation"...which looks very interesting. Note to self: rent that.
The weather was really nice so we took the kids to the pool. After we got back, we showered and gave both girls a bath. We spent the afternoon snacking and watching "Rolie Polie Olie: The Great Defender of Fun".

For dinner, a bunch of us got together at Korea House. El and Keith (who are expecting their first child any day now) joined us. I must have spent the whole dinner talking to El about babies. hehehehe
Dinner was really good....lots of food and free beer. I was already stuffed from snacking most of the day, but managed to put away more than I wanted. *ugh* =P
And just when I thought I couldn't eat another bite, all of us headed over to Q-Cup in the Wolfe Plaza for boba.

Q-Cup was about to close when we got there....they were nice enough to let us place our orders quickly. Wil and Tony joined up with us there. We ended up talking and standing around in the center quad of Wolfe Plaza (like a bunch of thugs) before heading back to Ivy and Oli's.

Fun was had by all...especially my niece, Marisa. She said she had the best time ever! The highlight of her evening was making rice krispie treats with Ivy. hehehe She gave me a big hug when I dropped her off at home around midnight. =)

Pictures from today and tonight:

Marisa and Ashlyn

Ashlyn and her god-mommy

wrinkly feet!

Cin, Sarah, me, Em, Bett, Marisa, Ashlyn, Ivy, and Wil

Tony, Parkin, Wing, Chew, Oli, Aaron, and Ashlyn

Sarah, Em, and Bett

Marisa, Ivy, Cin, me, and Wil

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