Happy Friday! I got up early to ensure that everything we needed was packed away.
By noon, Grace (along with Lauren and Taylor) came over to give me and Ashlyn a ride to the airport. The flight was short and smooth. Ashlyn fell asleep 10 minutes prior to landing...and was pretty much out for a good hour.
I was wondering what the weather was going to be like in the Bay Area. Today was pretty HOT (close to 100°)!

Dad picked us up, and together we picked up my mom at her volunteer job.
When Ashlyn woke up, she was really happy to see her grandparents. It's been a while since my last visit and my mom was a bit worried that baby wouldn't remember them. But when Ashlyn greeted them with tight hugs and sloppy kisses, they were instantly swept off their feet. hehehe Ashlyn got ice cream from her grandfather, and we headed home by late afternoon.

Tonight my parents, Wil, Tony, Ashlyn, and I attended Ivy's dad's birthday party - a fun BBQ at their home. We enjoyed an evening of eating, drinking, hanging out, more eating, karaoke-ing, and dancing.
For me, the highlight of the evening was when we (including my parents) snuck away from the party and took a nice long stroll along the golf course in the community. It was such a warm and clear night....and there were like, 12 of us and Tasha (Paul's dog). =)

We got back in time for cake-cutting. *whew!* At the party, I saw two of my old Chinese School teachers. They still call me by my full chinese name. HAHAHA!
It was a pleasure seeing them after all these years...until I realized that they must have hated me back then. I don't blame them: I talked a lot in class...and in english (which was strictly forbidden), never turned in my homework on time, did poorly on tests, and took extended recesses. =P No wonder my Mandarin sucks! hehehe

We partied till late. Ashlyn had long fell asleep. I had a great time with my parents and friends!

Hope you have a good weekend!

Pictures from tonight:

Bett, me, Mayu, Wil, Ivy, and Olivia

Dad, Mom, and Ashlyn

Ashlyn having fun!

Ashlyn riding the Xooter with Uncle Tony

Mayu, Bett, Aaron, Ivy, Wil, Ashlyn, Olivia, Mom, Dad, and Tony relaxing

Silly Bett!

star-gazing with Uncle Tony

Ivy, Oli, and Olivia with their parents
(Happy Birthday, Uncle Dean!)

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