Today started off pretty quiet. Ashlyn and I stayed in. I cleaned up around the house, dropped in a couple of loads of laundry, and checked email.

Grace, Lauren, and Taylor came over this afternoon. The kiddies played while Grace and I worked on Taylor's birthday invitations. I can't believe she's turning a year old soon?! =O

Anne also came over after she got off work. I haven't seen her in ages. We caught a bit, though it was hard with "Elmo" blaring in the background and all the kiddies demanding our attention. But it was cool seeing her again.

Aric came home shortly after and played with the kids while Grace and I finished up. Everyone went home by dinner-time.

Tonight was laid-back. Aric picked up dinner and we ate at home. We watched "CSI" and "Dateline Exclusive: Ben & Jen". What can I say? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are too cute for words. *Ugh* Makes me sick with envy. hehehe

Patrick came by to pick up the drinks I got for him at Marukai. He ended up watching TV with us and playing with Ashlyn.

I just got done folding laundry...and now I need to pack. *fanning self* Whoo, it's hot tonight. I wonder what the weather's like up North? My girlfriends have already been planning out my weekends for me.

In an email exchange with Bett:
Peg: "
I'm scared about puking next Saturday. Both Wil and Ivy are freaking me out...they keep saying, "partay, partay!...till you puke! It's the new "IN" thing, don't you know?" And I was thinking, "Shieeeet, you ain't gots to tell me...I invented "drink till you puke" HAHAHAHA! Seriously though...I'm scared. =P "
Bett: "PARTY TIL YOU PUKE!! Everyone's doing it, Peg.... *smirk* FOR SURE we will party like rockstars and chill like...vodka...ahahahaa Speaking of vodka, WE'RE GOING TO PARTY TIL WE PUKE!!! *clapping hands* ehehe "
Peg: "AHHHHHHH! Not you too! I needed someone in MY corner...but you're just as
scary as Wil and Ivy! Dude, I'm going down for sures next Saturday. I've turned into such a uptight conservative, huh? You need to talk shit to me. You need to remind me how I was queen of DPLD (dirty parking lot drinking) back in the day. HAHAHA!
Bett: "GIRLFRIEND, you are cracking me up!!!! DPLD?!? AHAHAHAHAHHAA Well, I don't think you have anyone in your corner, hon....everyone's done the party til puke thing. It's the latest fad. It's fun! Don't knock it til you try it. AHAHAHA And trust me...we will talk shit to you...you will have NO problems at all. I have faith in you, Peg! GO PEG...GO PEG...GO PEG!! DRINK!! DRINK!! DRINK!! DRINK!! You know you still gots it in you, somewhere. All you have to remember is...one night of sloppy drinking has never hurt any of us...except the next day...but look how fast we get over it. hahahhaa I've turned out fine, haven't i?? :)"
Oooooh...EVIL, I tell ya! hehehe But I'm looking forward to it. As always, when I'm with my girls, I shed all inhibitions. *wink*

Alrighty...I better get packing. Pictures and journals will resume when I get back. G'Nite!

(the only picture I took today)
Taylor, Lauren, and Ashlyn

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