Today Ashlyn and I spent the day with Grace, her sister-Christine, and their kiddies. We had lunch at Grace's, then caravanned to Marukai for groceries. I picked up a case of Hawaiian Sun for my brother-in-law and some stuff for dinner.
Lemme just tell you that shopping with 5 kiddies was not an easy task. When one screams, they all scream...when one laughs, they all laugh hysterically...and when one wants something, they all want the same thing. *shake head* Peer pressure in early stages.

Christine and I are the same age, yet she's expecting her third child any day now. I'm really excited for her...even a bit envious. Kinda made me wish I had "settled down" earlier. It also made me think that by the time I'm through having kids, I may be into my 40's!
I know a lot of my married friends are putting off having babies. And that's their prerogative. I know in this day and age, having a double income and no kids is a luxury some don't want to give up. Also the freedom to pursue a career and/or travel is high on everyone's list. And it's not just in the US. On my last visit to Taiwan, a friend told me that the drop in population (due to the facts stated above), caused the government to offer to pay people to have kids. =O
I just think that if you already know that kids are in your future, waiting might be harder later on. People tend to think about how old they're going to be when they have their first kid....but someone once told me to consider how old you're going to be when you have your last kid.
I'll be honest with ya, Aric and I have been trying for our second...but it hasn't been very successful. =( I don't want too big a gap between kids because that means I'll be shuttling my children to (and from) school for the next 10-15 years...or longer! Scary thought, huh? But it's true. Food for thought.

Anyhow...after we got back from the market, I helped Grace in the kitchen, prepping food for her dinner party. The kiddies were in the living room watching TV...errr, so I thought.
Ashlyn is much too independent and curious for her own good. Her penchant to wander off on her own and explore usually gets her into a lot of trouble. Today is no exception.
Christine noticed that Ashlyn was not with the other kids. I called out and looked all around for her, but no answer. I went upstairs and checked every room....and finally found her in Grace's bathroom. Girlfriend was playing with some tub-toys in the bathtub...she had also turned the water on AND poured water all over herself!!! *GASP!* INSANE! I wanted to scream! Nathan, who had followed me up, asked, "why is she taking a bath with all her clothes on?" *shake head*...don't ask me, I'm just as perplexed as you.
Anyhow, I shut off the water (which luckily wasn't hot), stripped her down to her diaper and toweled her off. As we went back downstairs, Nathan called out, "Mom!...Ashlyn was taking a bath with all her clothes on!" Grace and Christine looked at me with wide eyes. I nodded silently. Grace ran to get Ashlyn some clothes. *UGH!* So embarassing.

At that moment, I was consumed with a myriad of emotions. I was mad, shocked, and frustrated...mostly with myself. It was my fault. Knowing that Ashlyn is the way she is, I should have kept a closer eye on her. I was relieved that she didn't drown, get burned, or seriously hurt. I was also wondering why she couldn't be like the rest of the kiddies and stay put. *sigh* Maybe one day I'll look back on this and laugh...but not today. =/

By 5:30pm, Ashlyn and I headed home. Ashlyn fell asleep before we got home...I put her down for a nap and started dinner. Aric came home shortly after and helped me.

Tonight Ed, Sue, and Liv came over for sushi. Dinner was really good. Ed said that the spicy tuna was my best one yet. hehehe Yeaaaah, boy!
After dinner we sat around, talked, watched a double episode of "Law and Order" and had Ben & Jerry's ice cream cake for dessert.

Today was extra hot and muggy. With our A/C on, it was still 78° in the house. Liv was miserably hot. Ed and Sue stripped her down to her diaper and then she was all good after that. hehehe She's such an adorable baby! Everyone always comments on how beautiful she is. You should see her in person....she's spunky, smiley, and very sharp.
Ashlyn had a good time sharing all (and I mean ALL) her toys with Liv. The family room was a blown up mess.

Ed, Sue, and Liv left around 11pm. Aric and I put Ashlyn to bed and cleaned up a bit. I'm so tired! Going to bed now. G'Nite!

Pictures from today and tonight:


Ethan, Taylor, Ashlyn, Lauren, and Nathan


Ashlyn and Liv

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