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Am I superstitious? Hmmm, sometimes. It just dawned on me that the last time I had lunch with Mouji-Boy and Athena (at PF Chang's), his fortune cookie read something along the lines of: "A pleasant change awaits at the next full moon."
Two full moons later (to the exact day), brought a BIG change to his life. Coincidence?..I think not. hehehe Kinda eerie, huh?

Today was uneventful. Ashlyn and I stayed in. Our landscaper showed up bright and early to finish the yard. He planted a bush and 4 Golden Splendor Lilies in like 15 minutes. Made me wonder the quality of his work. I've already noticed that some of the flowers he planted in the backyard wilted and appears to be near death. =/ I'll give it some time, and if they really die then I'll replace them myself.

The City of Irvine -Home of clean streets, quiet neighborhoods, manicured lawns, nice cars, strip-malls galore, and hoity-toity people -has slowly turned me into a snob of sorts. I came to this realization after noticing a car that's been parked on the side of our house.
I don't know who owns the car, but it hasn't been moved in over a month. It sits there, day after day, collecting dirt, dust, leaves, etc... I was complaining to Aric and caught myself mid sentence. Elsewhere, when would I even notice such a thing...much less care? *Ugh* I need to get away from here. I need to go back to the Bay Area, where people actually use public transportation, and seeing someone walking home carrying a 20" TV in broad daylight is no big thang. HAHAHAHA!

Tonight Aric, Ashlyn, and I had an early dinner at home, then went to check out Big Lots! in Orange. Aric and I love a good bargain. hehehe The commercials for Big Lots! looks impressive, but the store we went to tonight was far from. We didn't find much there. The only thing I found for a great deal was the Evenflo Ultra-Saucer for $39 (normally retails at $80)...not that we need one. We ended up picking up a few books and wooden puzzles for Ashlyn.

After we got home, we planted ourselves in front of the telly with some ice cream and fruit and watched "Smallville" (an episode that I never seen before), "Dateline", and the news. Ashlyn had a good time running around all crazy and tossing her toys around. She's so rambunctious and plays pretty rough. She's more like a lil' boy than a lil' girl. *sigh*

I'm pooped. G'Nite!


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