HAPPY BIRTHDAY to lil' Emily!

May your birthday be filled with happiness!
Auntie Peg loves you, sweetie!

Did you all have a great weekend? I hope so. My friends back home sure did...this morning I got a bunch of pictures from Ivy showcasing their exciting weekend:

Friday night- Hotaru and "Pirates of the Carribean"
Saturday Night- Partying in the City
Sunday- Afternoon Tea

For the most part, I've adjusted to living in SoCal...life is treating me pretty good. But, as most of you already know, I continue to miss my family and friends dearly....suppose I always will. =T Being able to see what the crew's doing up North is bittersweet....I'm happy, yet sad that I'm missing out on all that stuff. *sigh* Aside from Emily, Ed, Sue, Grace, James, Brian, Grace, and Wey, we barely hang out with Aric's other close friends anymore. Ugh, it's probably best...those hoodlums! HAHAHA!...kidding.
Seriously though, I think most of Aric's old friends (who are single) don't feel comfortable hanging out with "the married folks". To me, that's just strange...because my friends back home hang out all the time (married or not). I don't really understand it. Is it because they think that once you're married, you forfeit all the things you used to enjoy? *shrug* Granted, I miss some of that stuff (parties, clubs, etc..), but what I miss most is being around the people that enrich my life. Even if my friends and I sit around and pick our body orifices, we'd still have a great time. hehehe

Oh well, at least I'm close enough to visit often. Speaking of which, Ashlyn and I are heading up this Friday. *YAY!* I'm really excited!

Oh, check it...I found out that my mother recently befriended a lady (during a Canyons Tour) who's a bit of a clairvoyant. Wil told me the first time she saw the lady, the lady was able to "see" right through her and pinpoint specific aspects of my sister's life that left her feeling quite vulnerable. Wil said the lady's accuracy is startling. It's hard to describe...she's not a fortune-teller...rather, she has a "gift". My dad, who's a big time skeptic, has become a firm believer of her "gift". And now my mom wants me to meet her. =O
I was nervous about meeting this women, and afraid of what she's going to tell me. Ignorance is bliss, and I rather not know if an ominous cloud or impending doom is lurking ahead. That's part of it...the other part is having personal fears and weaknesses exposed.
Everynight before I go to sleep, I always go through a list of things I want to do or improve. As much as I want to aid in the homeless issue, abused/neglected/impoverished children, world peace, the mentally disabled, and the elderly, I need to tackle the small stuff within myself. I know what I need to work on...my own private demons. I just don't know if I want to someone to "see" all that. =/ Is 4 days enough time to improve myself? HAHAHA!

In a conversation with my mom yesterday:
Peg: "I don't know if I want to meet her."
Mom: "Why not?...she's a wonderful lady."
Peg: "Because...I'm scared."
Mom: "What do you have to be scared about?"
Peg: "I dunno...what if she says that I'm not a good person."
Mom: "She's not going to say that. Besides, I think you're a very good person...and that's all that matters."

*warm fuzzies* True. It really doesn't matter what anyone else says, as long as my hubby, daughter, parents, siblings, and friends know what I'm all about.
Still, the whole thing kinda spooks me. Just because I
believe in the supernatural, unexplainable phenomenons, aliens, and ghosts...it doesn't mean I want to be around those things. =P

Today was a typical Monday. It was quiet and I kept busy with laundry, cleaning house, and vacuuming. Ashlyn kept busy with her toys and programs on the telly. She was a very good girl today. =)

After Aric got home, we went to Lowe's to pick up some more stuff for the garden and the house. Grabbed EPL (El Pollo Loco) for dinner and came home. We watched "Fear Factor", "For Love or Money II", and "Who Wants to Marry My Dad". It was kick-back night.

I read Sonny's journal today and homeboy cracks me up. I can't believe he proactively watched "The Wiggles". HAHAHA! Wow...he must really love Ashlyn. =)

I forgot to take pictures of Babygirl today...so here's a studio shot she took in Taiwan. It's got that fobby haze effect. HAHAHA!

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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