(the beautiful couple in May 2003)

OHMIGAWD! After looking over my web-statistics report, I noticed that I've been getting some crazy traffic on this site! I think my web-host is going to drop-kick me soon. =P Yesterday, I hit my ALL time high of 314 visitors! *jaw dropping*. That's a WHOLE LOTTA people! I'm thrilled...yet feeling very self-concious at the same time. *bite nails*

Today Ashlyn and I went to Green Thumb Nursery to pick out a couple of fruit trees and a few flats of flowers. The landscaper is starting on our side and back yard tomorrow.
Grace, Lauren, and Taylor joined us at the nursery....since she knew my car wouldn't be able to carry everything I had to buy. Grace is such a pal! *THANKS!*

It was another sweltering day. After we got everything I needed, Grace picked up lunch and we headed back home to eat and hang out. Grace and I spent all afternoon kickin' back, chatting, watching the kiddies play, and watching TV.
Aric had adjusted the digital thermostat last night, so it was much cooler in the house today. *whew!* =)

Tonight, Aric, Ashlyn, Patrick, and I went to visit my mother-in-law. We had dinner in Rowland Heights at a food court in one of many asian plazas (I forgot which one). Dinner was really good and pretty inexpensive. I think as long as you venture out of the Irvine area, you'll always get more for less (ie...shopping, groceries, dining, gas, etc..).
At dinner, the highchair that Ashlyn sat in broke. It was a little rickety to begin with...but we didn't expect it to fall apart. =O It reminded me of the scenes in "Shallow Hal" when Gwyneth Paltrow would fall mid meal. HAHAHA! When it happened, people who sat around us gasped in horror. Aric's reflexes were lightning-quick....and he caught her before the highchair split into two pieces. No worries...Ashlyn's fine. She was totally unfazed. After we got over the shock, we all had a good laugh (including Ashlyn). HAHAHAHA!

After dinner we went over to Hong Kong Plaza for boba and crepes, and to walk off our food. It was a beautifully warm night.

We got home around 10:30. Ashlyn went to bed pretty quick. I'm tired, too...going to bed early. The landscaper is expected to show up really early tomorrow. G'Nite!

Pictures from today:



Taylor and Ashlyn

Ashlyn mugging in her favorite hat

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