Ashlyn and I didn't do much today. I had a pounding headache all day from the heat. After Aric installed the digital thermosat last night, the house has been uncomfortably hot (80 some degrees). I tried overriding the setting, but not much happened, and I didn't want to tinker with it too much. =T

Ashlyn's really funny. She washed her hands lot today. I think she likes playing with the water. Lately, she's also been found eagerly awaiting for Aric or I to get out of the shower so she could hand us our towels. It's so sweet and cute. Aric finds it very awkward....he quickly grabs the towel from her and ducks back into the shower. Such modesty. HAHAHA!
Growing up, my family was (or is) very open about nudity. Even to this day, I'll catch my dad sitting on the toilet with the door open. HAHAHA! It's no big deal...I'm used to it. But Aric's much more private about stuff like that...so I think Ashlyn will grow up differently than I did.

Ashlyn was a very good girl today. Meals and naptime passed without any fuss. She was really happy and playful. I finally remembered to bring out my camera this afternoon and got in some cute snaps of her watching TV and eating her chips and avocado snack. =)

Tonight Aric and I had dinner with Ed, Sue, and Liv at Pasta Connection in Newport. Afterwards, we walked the Newport pier and had frozen bananas. It was a warm night with a slight salty breeze.
At the pier, there was a man who made gigantic bubbles for the kids. I think he was one of those street performers (since there was a donation bucket present). For some reason, Ashlyn was really freaked out by him. She normally loves bubbles and would be the first to run up and pop them, but tonight, she stood clutching my leg tightly. And whenever the man came close to us, she would hide. I wonder why that was? Aric and Ed thinks kids have an innate sense of people. And clearly Ashlyn didn't like the "Bubble Man". Hmmmm.

We got home around 10. Aric and I let Ashlyn watch "Elmos' Wild Wild West" before she went to bed. Afterwards, Aric and I watched VH-1's "Hopelessly Rich". These people are sickeningly wealthy....but aside from their impressive wallet, their personalities lack real character. It was actually very comical. I missed "Fame" again. I saw a preview on commercial, and thought it was unfair that they were bringing in a new contestant this far into the competition. I'll have to look on Evil's page for the results. I hope Harlemm's still in. *crossing fingers*

I better go to bed....gots stuff to do tomorrow. G'Nite!

Pictures from today and tonight:


Co' chillin'

Big smile

Liv at dinner

Ashlyn's "sour" face

Sue, Ed, and Liv

me, Aric, and Ashlyn


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