To my best guy friend who continues to teach me a thing or two (or three) about life, patience, understanding, and unconditional friendship~ wishing you the very best on this special day! *BIG HUGS!*

Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Ben and Liz!

Today was a really nice and relaxing day. Aric, Ashlyn, and I went to the Spectrum...had lunch, watched Ashlyn splash in the water fountain, walked around, shopped, played with the puppies at the pet store, had frozen yogurt and funnel cake, and rode the Giant Wheel.
It was a lot of fun. Today was like the only day (out of the long weekend) we didn't have any set plans, and that was a nice change of pace. =D

Due to the continuing heatwave, we headed home by late afternoon. My back and shoulders are pretty burnt from being out in the sun all weekend. SPF-45 just doesn't cut it for me. =(
Aric: "You need SPF-1000!"
Peg: "Well, damn...I might as well wear a jacket then."
Aric: "Yeah, that'll work too."
*shake head* Sad, but true.

Once we got home, Aric washed his car....as he's been doing every weekend. It's turned into a ritual for him. He loves his car and takes so much pride in caring for it. I think he takes as many pictures of his car as I do of Ashlyn. It's sick I tell you! HAHAHA!
Ashlyn and I lounged around, watched TV, napped, and enjoyed the crisp air that blew from the A/C vents. hehehehe

lovely, eh?

Today Ashlyn turned 21 months! She's taller, heavier, rougher, tougher, and a lot more fun ...that's when she's not being naughty of course. Her hair is coming in...oh so painfully slow...but it's growing. And she's finally completed her set of primary teeth. *YAY!*
In the past month, Ashlyn's expanded her volcabulary by being able to identify body parts (ie...eyes, nose, teeth, mouth, ears, hair, hands, feet, toe, and tummy) and learned more names of food and fruit. She continues to have a difficult time enunciating her words. Aric and I joke about her "vietnamese accent" (because she never finishes her words). For example:
nose - "no"
mouth- "mao"
teeth- "tee"
thank you- "dee dew"
Hmmmm...what else? Oh yeah...
this is a good one:
The Wiggles- "ah Wi-Go!" HAHAHAHA!
In the past month, Ashlyn has become more curious, more stubborn, more independent, and more fearless...which made this month the most trying (thus far) in
disciplining and teaching. She has also started showing possessiveness and jealousy. She doesn't like it when Aric and I sit together or hold hands, and she'll have a total crying-fit if I hold other babies. *sigh* With the bad also comes the good. I enjoy the fact that she's no longer a baby-baby and we can finally communicate and interact with each other. I like that she can feed herself, tell me when she's hungry, thirsty, or tired, and can help me during bathtime and getting dressed (her, not me...HAHAHA!). I may gripe about her, but seriously, she constantly surprises me by being able to reach the bar that I've set. Sometimes I can't believe she's my child...it make me wonder what I ever did to deserve such an amazingly sweet, good natured, laid-back, sharp, and tenacious lil' girl. *deep sigh* She makes my life rich! =)

Tonight, my father-in-law, Netty, Aric's grandmother, and my father-in-law's friends came over. We hung out at the house for a couple of hours, then went to dinner. Patrick met up with us at the restaurant.
It dawned on me tonight that I am very fortunate for the good relationship I have with my in-laws. Growing up, my parents stressed the importance of showing respect and hospitality for the generation above you...which is a good thing, but not always natural, if you know what I mean. Through the years (and with my parents' involvement with so many organizations and such), I've gotten used to playing the part...the cheesy good-girl bit. With Aric's family, I don't have to play that bit. They are accepting and comfortable in "keepin' it real". Not to say that I chew with my mouth open or anything, but I'm perfectly comfortable being me. We talk, share stories, give advice, and joke as friends do...and it's all good. I'm lucky...I know many who are burdened with awkwardness and/or pressure when spending time with their in-laws. =/

After dinner, everyone went their separate ways. Aric, Ashlyn, and I spent the rest of the night in front of the telly. We watched "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and "Crime & Punishment". While waiting for Ashlyn to fall asleep, I watched VH-1's "Ultimate Albums".
*YAWN!* It's late....I'm tired.

Hope you all had a great long weekend!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn at the water fountain

toweling off

Mmmmm...funnel cake!



..and me, enjoying the view from the Giant Wheel. =)

self-portrait (with some help from Daddy)

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