Happy 4th of July!

Happy Friday! We spent a fun day and evening with a bunch of friends at James and Grace's. We packed three large coolers full of food and had a nice BBQ lunch by the pool. The weather was scorching and all the kiddies (and adults) had fun splashing in the water.

Ashlyn especially liked the wade-pool. Though it's only a foot and a half of water, I had to watch her carefully. Ashlyn got overzealous and tripped while running in the pool. She breathed in some water and got freaked out. She got over it pretty quick, but was more careful afterwards. hehehehe
After lunch, I took Ashlyn into the big pool with me. She had a really good time. I definitely got in a good work out. =)

By 4pm, we packed up and went back to James and Grace's. We all took turns giving the kiddies a bath. We spent the afternoon just hanging out and playing with the lil' ones.
For dinner, we BBQ-ed again and had a yummy dinner. By the time it got dark, most of us went to see the fireworks. Ontop of Quail Hill, you can see fireworks in Irvine, Tustin, Lake Forest, and even as far as Disneyland. That was cool.

We had dessert, watched TV, and hung out till 11pm. Ashlyn fell asleep before we got home. Aric and I are pretty tired too, but it's a miserable 87° in our bedroom right now. =(
The ceiling fan's on, and we're waiting for the A/C to kick in. hehehe *YAWN!* G'nite!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn and Aric

Grace, Wey, and Sue

Patti and Karis

me and Ashlyn

kiddies in the pool

lunchtime *YUM!*


James with Lauren and Taylor

kiddies in the ball pit


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