(Ashlyn and Craig -Oct. 2002)
To the coolest cat I know~ wishing you a birthday filled with lots of fun, love, laughter, and gifts! hehehe Miss you, Holmes!

Ashlyn and I spent the day with my brother-in-law, Patrick. We had lunch at L&L's and I dragged him with me to shop for groceries at Marukai. It was fun hanging out with Pat...we always have so much to talk about. =)

Oh, I saw one of Aric's classmates while having lunch with Pat. When I first spotted Aric's classmate, he looked visibly uncomfortable...not knowing who I was eating with and unsure if he should even say HI. After I had called him over and introduced Pat, he looked relieved in discovering that Pat was Aric's brother. Sheesh, I didn't know I was being watched so closely. HAHAHA!
Though, Aric's classmate's reaction was a natural one, it's something I haven't experienced in a while. It made me realize the security of my relationship with Aric. Aric never questions what I'm doing with whom and where, when, and why. It's basically a non-issue. I've gotten so used to it that anything less feels like a violation of trust. And believe me, I'm no stranger when it comes to being questioned interrogated by a jealous or insecure boyfriend. Which probably makes you wonder what kind of jacked up realtionships I've been in, huh? A LOT! ....just kidding. HAHAHA! So did I have a point? Yes. Having to explain myself when being spotted with male friends are a thing of the past...and it's so much easier this way.

The traffic on the way home from the market was especially bad. I'm assuming a lot of people are travelling and starting their long weekend early. My friends back home rented a cabin and are spending the weekend up in Tahoe. I debated long and hard about going....and if we decided to go, then Aric, Ashlyn, and I would probably be contributing to the traffic. =/
As much as I wanted to join the posse this weekend, I couldn't imagine driving from OC to Lake Tahoe (and back). That's TOO long of a car ride for me....let alone Ashlyn. Man, she would be straight trippin'! Oh well.

The weather was also unbearably hot today. I had to crank up the A/C when I got home. While Ashlyn napped, I cleaned up around the house and prepped food for dinner.

Tonight James, Grace, Ed, and the kiddies came over for dinner. It was sushi night. I made spicy tuna, wakame-tuna, hamachi and sake sashimi, salad, and soba. It was pretty damn good...but then again, you really can't go wrong with japanese food.

We spent the evening just chillin'. The guys watched MTV's "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle" and "Jackass" while Grace and I made dessert and planned our menu for our 4th of July picnic.
Our friends ended up staying until after midnight. It was fun...totally felt like a Friday. hehehe I was such a retard today and forgot to bring out my camera! *pout!* So I'm sharing some cute pics from Bett's camera on her last visit.

Pooped! G'Nite!

Wishing you all a fun and safe long weekend!

(pictures courtesy of Bett)

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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