Hmmmm, not much went on today...as usual. =P For a while now, my weekdays have pretty much been the same - quiet. But lately my evenings make up for the inactivities during the the day.

Tonight Ed treated us (and James and Grace) to a baseball game at Edison Field. Having passed the Field on I5 countless of times, this was the first time I got to see it up close...in all it's splendor. Beautiful stadium. The Anaheim Angels were playing the Texas Rangers this evening. We all had a really good time....even the kiddies. Though I don't usually follow baseball, I really enjoyed watching the game live. There's much to be said about the excitement and energy circulating in the air. It was such a warm night too. =)

I was so glad that Aric and I had grabbed a bite to eat on the way...colliseum food is a GRIP! Ed, Sue, James, and Grace didn't get a chance to eat, so they spent quite a lot on food and drinks. After the 6th inning, Aric went down to get me nachos....$5.50 for semi-stale chips, cheese sauce, and jalapenos. But...Mmmmmm, it was good. HAHAHA!
The game ended close to 10pm. The Angels kicked ass (5-0)! I loved the fireworks show at the end of the game. *clapping* Of course, it took a while for us to leave the parking lot.

We all hung out at James and Grace's for a bit, then came home.
On the way home:
Peg: *gasp!* "OH NO!" *slap forehead*
Aric: "What?!"..*pause*..."You missed Fame."
Peg: *incredulous and staring* "How did you know?!"
Aric: *shrug*

I know, I know...I'm so dramatic. HAHAHA! But damn, Aric knows me so well. =)
Yeah, I forgot to record "Fame". I wonder which two did not advance to next week. I'll look on the web tomorrow. I'm bummed that I missed the performances. Oh well. *sigh* I have to remind myself that it's only a show. hehehe

Well, it's late...and I'm pooped. Tomorrow should be more eventful. G'Nite!

Pictures from tonight:

Ashlyn and Aric in front of Edison Field

Grace, James, Lauren, and Taylor

Ed and Liv

me and Ashlyn


Lauren and Ashlyn

me and my sweethearts

Ashlyn's nacho-cheese mustache. hehehe

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