Today was a pretty mellow day. Ashlyn and I had fun hanging out at home playing with her toys, reading books, watching TV, and chasing each other around. She was in an especially playful mood. Over the last several months, Ashlyn has grown to despise my camera. Whenever I whip it out, she runs away....not to mention, I have to do all these silly things just to get her to smile for me. But this afternoon she surprised me by not hiding...AND she smiled on her own. *thumbs up!* =)

I spent the afternoon talking to my mom, Sis, and friends on the phone. I always tend to catch up with everyone in spurts. hehehe

me and Em

Emily came over tonight and hung out. We stopped by WalMart to pick up my glasses (I'm wearing them now, and it's weird).
We had dinner at Islands. Em and I split a Hula burger and chili cheese fries. Mmmmm!

Afterwards, we hung out at the house, caught up with one another, and nibbled on some mangoes. My father-in-law and Netty bought a couple of cases at a Farmer's Market (for $1.50 a case). *cheap!* These mangoes are huge and really sweet. But you have to eat them fast or they'll get over-ripe and stink up the fridge. *wrinkle nose*

After Em went home, Aric and I watched parts of "Meet My Folks". I no longer enjoy this show. The first two episodes were cool...because it was new and different...but now it's played-out and crossing over into trash-TV.
We put Ashlyn to sleep shortly after, and now I'm just enjoying some quiet time alone. *stretch* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Oooh! VH-1's "50 Greatest Teen Idols" is on. Gotta go. Nite-nite! =D

chillin' in her Lakers onesie
(Thanks, Uncle Wey!)


Ashlyn's pics of the day

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