Ashlyn and I spent a quiet day at home. After all the fun and excitement Ashlyn had yesterday, I wanted her to chill out.
I wonder if other parents experience this...but there is such a thing as TOO MUCH excitement. If Ashlyn has an eventful day (ie...going to the park, being at the mall, running around with friends), then she'll go to sleep easily and deeply. Anything more and she has a hard time sleeping peacefully. She'll wake up throughout the night crying hysterically...and settling her down is not an easy task. Ashlyn often cries with her eyes tightly shut (I'm not even sure if she's awake or not). James said that Lauren used to do that...bad dreams or something....and he would wake her up (force her to open her eyes and look around). Afterwards, he said she would be able to fall back to sleep without any problems.
I tried that, and it didn't work...getting Ashlyn to sit up and open her eyes just pissed her off even more. =/

I got two more estimates for the side and backyard today. The second estimate came out to be the exact same price as the first estimate (from Saturday), and the third estimate was $150 more (but he includes all the plants, bushes, and flowers). After discussing it with Aric, we've decided to go with the the first guy (from Saturday).

Tonight Aric, Ashlyn, and I had a late dinner with Ed, Sue, and Liv. We went to Zankou Chicken in Anaheim. I've heard Aric, Ed, and Sue talk about how great the chicken is there...but never had a chance to try it...until now. Yep...*nodding*...the chicken is awesome! What's even better is the garlic-type spread that comes with it. That spread would even make cardboard taste like the BOMB. hehehehehe

After dinner, we drove to The Block and walked around. It was such a clear warm night. We indulged in free samples at Krispy Kreme (and ended up buying a dozen to split). We walked the entire length of The Block.
Ashlyn walked by herself most of the time...so by the time we got to the car, she was OUT! She slept all the way home, and didn't even wake through a diaper and pj change. She was such a good girl today. =)

*YAWN!* I'm tired too. Gosh, I can't believe this month is over. *sigh*



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