Today was another beautifully hot day. Aric and I took my car in for a wash and wax.
Afterwards, we went to visit my father-in-law. We had a late lunch with my father-in-law and Netty at The Olive Garden in Arcadia.

Dude, I haven't been to The Olive Garden in years! I still enjoy their endless bowls of salad and breadsticks, but noticed that their prices really jumped. Compared to places like Peppino's or Pasta Connection, I don't know if The Olive Garden is worth the price. =/

The remainder of the afternoon and evening was spent relaxing (at least, it was relaxing for me). hehehe Aric and his dad worked on his dad's computer most of the time. Netty took Ashlyn outside to ride her trike, play with the neighbor's dog, and splash in the sprinklers. Ashlyn had such a great time. I kicked it in the living room watching "Stigmata" on DVD.

We left around 8pm....got home an hour later, gave Ashlyn a bath, ate some mangoes, watched "Crime and Punishment", did laundry, put the baby to bed, and watched the news.

HOLY SMOKES!!!...in the news, I found out that something happened at the grocery store I shop at! It's spooky to think that anything bad can happen here...in 'Cookie-cutter Pleasantville'. *YIKES!*

I'm tired. I hope you had a great weekend! G'Nite!

Pictures from today:

dressed in another outfit after spashing in the sprinklers


Ashlyn with her Grandpa and Netty

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