CONGRATULATIONS to Anthony and Nina!

We all got to sleep in this morning. Ashlyn was the first one up. If Aric and I want to crawl back in bed, Ashlyn's pretty good about turning on the telly and giving us an extra hour of sleep. If she begins to get restless, she'll let us know by climbing all over us and poking our faces with her tiny finger. HAHAHA!

Around noon, a landscaper came out to give us an estimate. We recently got another letter from the association regarding our side-yard. *UGH!* I really hate getting these letters. They try to sound polite and all, but they're basically implying that our yard sucks, and that it's bringing the neighborhood down. More specifically, they want us to make it look more "attractive". Funny thing is, everything in the side-yard was planted by the association. We haven't done anything to it. *shrug* So now we're going to see how much it'll cost us to make it look "attractive".
While we were at it, we had the landscaper give us an estimate for our backyard as well. Currently, we have two trees and a crapload of weeds and wild flowers. He quoted us $600 including labor, cleanup, sprinkler valve replacement, removal of one of the trees, and all the planting. I don't know if that's cheap or not. Our yard is really tiny. I told him that I would get back to him after I call a couple of other places. He looked sour. =T

Aric, Ashlyn, Bett, Chew, and I had lunch at Oscar's in the Marketplace. Bett absolutely LOVES Oscar's and requests to eat there everytime she visits. hehehe It was another hot day. We ate outdoors by the fountains and had a good time.
After lunch, I took Bett and Chew to Quail Hill to look at some model homes. I was surprised to discover that many places were already sold out and didn't have models to show. WOW!
Next, we walked around and shopped at the Spectrum.

Bett and Chew had dinner plans with Chew's friends in LA....so they left around 4. It was a short visit, but I was happy that I got to see them at all. =)
The weather was hot and made all of us sleepy. Eventually Aric, Ashlyn, and I dozed off and took a nap.

Tonight, we had L&L take-out for dinner and popped in "One Hour Photo" on DVD. *shivers* That movie is creepy. Robin Williams plays an obsessed and demented photo-finishing technician. The movie caused me to become concerned about having so many pictures up on this site. You never know what weirdos are out there, right?
Anyhow, both Michael Vartan and Connie Neilsen looked great. Robin Williams is such an amazing actor...I noticed that he's been taking on darker and more dramatic roles (ie..."Death to Smoochy" and "Insomnia")...but I think I enjoy his comedic roles best. =P

Feeling really tired tonight. Going to bed early....even though our bedroom is a miserable 80+ degrees! *blech* G'Nite!

Pictures from today:

Aric pushing Ashlyn on her trike

me and Bett

Ashlyn playing peek-a-boo!

Bett and Chew

Aric, me, and Ashlyn at lunch

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