Happy Friday! Today my brother-in-law, Patrick came over...and spent the entire day with me and Ashlyn. Which is a rarity considering his busy work schedule. Luckily, Pat just got back from a two-week stint in Hawaii (promoting his film at the Maui Film Festival).
He looked well rested, tanned, and had many exciting stories to share! =)

It was a scorcher of a day. After lunch, Ashlyn was eager to ride her new trike. Pat and I took her around the block once. Babygirl didn't want to get off her trike at first, but I think the heat started to bother her. Ashlyn has pretty sensitive skin...she develops eczema frequently, and the heat definitely attributes to her condition.
Pat and I spent the whole afternoon talking and catching up. It was really nice. I'm lucky to be so close to my brother-in-law. I know some people barely talk to their spouse's siblings.

Tonight Aric and I met up with Grace, James, Patti, Sam, and the kiddies for dinner at Curry House. Curry House has pretty good food, but for the most part, we like going there because they are super kid-friendly. They're very accomodating to the lil' ones....right down to their Hello Kitty bowl/cup/utensil set. hehehe
Afterwards, we had dessert and hung out at James and Grace's place. We stayed till about 10:30, then headed home.

Bett and Chew drove up for the weekend. They got in shortly after Aric and I put Ashlyn down to bed. Though Bett was bummed that Ashlyn was already asleep by the time they arrived, it gave us a chance to just chill and watch TV. =D

Keeping it short and sweet. Wishing you a great weekend!

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn on her trike

Ashlyn pushing her Uncle Patrick

Ashlyn and Patrick

Ashlyn's cheesy smile

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