Today Ashlyn and I met Aric and his coworkers for lunch. Cindy (who used to work for the company) joined us, along with her husband and lil' boy, Leon. Leon is just a couple of months younger than Ashlyn....but he's a big boy! It was cute watching the kiddies stare at each other and wave from across the table. When we finished lunch, we let the kiddies out of their highchairs to play. They immediately made a bee-line toward one another. After a few quiet seconds of checking one another out, Leo heartily shoved Ashlyn. HAHAHA! It must be love. =)

After lunch, Ashlyn and I visited with some people in Aric's department. It's been a while since they all seen Ashlyn...she was spoiled with attention and had a grand ol' time.
We got back in the afternoon, and Ashlyn was really pooped. She took a long nap while I picked up around the house and played a game on the computer. =P

Tonight, after Aric and I had dinner at home, we went to WalMart in Foothill Ranch. I finally got my prescription reading glasses filled there. I'll probably be able to pick them up tomorrow. Wow...I've never worn glasses before. Granted, these are only for reading and for sitting in front of the computer...but still. I went for the cheapest frames I could find (since I don't have a heavy prescription)...and it still came out to being close to $100! DAMN!

Ashlyn (for the most part) was a good girl again. At WalMart we bought her a trike. So the minute we get home, Aric put it togeher for her. She was so excited and wanted to ride it before the seat was even screwed on. hehehe

After Ashlyn's bath and tucking her into bed, I watched VH-1's "Tommy Lee: The Naked Truth". The biography was pretty good. It made me feel somewhat sad for him, as well as giving me newfound respect for the tattoo-ed artist. I can't believe he's 40 years old! Wow.

*YAAAAWN!* Today was an incredibly hot day (in the 90s). I feel drained. Tomorrow should be eventful.

Pictures from today:

Leon and Ashlyn

Eric, Leon, John, Ashlyn, and Aric

Sherry, Marisa, Ann, Cindy, and me


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