Wil, Cin, Bett, Ivy, and Sarah having fun!

Did everyone have a nice weekend? Wil sent me pictures from her Saturday Night with the girls. I felt giggly and tipsy just looking through the pictures. HAHAHA! It looked like they had a blast, and they all look so gorgeous...I couldn't resist sharing. =)

It rained off and on. What crappy weather! Today was spent cleaning house and doing laundry. The day went by surprisingly quick..and before I knew it, Aric was home from work.

Tonight, Wey came over for dinner. We had short ribs, BBQ pork ribs, clams (in broth), veggies, and rice. Wey hung out for a bit before leaving. Aric and I watched "Fear Factor", "Punk'd", and "For Love or Money" while Ashlyn ran amuck.

I don't care for "For Love or Money" very much. The guy (Rob Campos) lacks personality and I think ALL the girls (with the exception of young Paige) is basically in it for the cash. At the end of the show, the host let Rob in on the secret (love vs money), and I thought that was weak. Basically, all these reality shows continue to kick it up a notch for ratings...but I don't think anyone truly benefits from being on the show. Sure...the winner gets money, but after taxes...it's hardly worth it when all of America labels you a gold-digger. But that's just my 2¢.

After the show, I noticed that Ashlyn got all hot from running, climbing, and playing. As I ran my hand over the top of her sweaty head, her hair stood on it's end. It was so funny! I didn't have my camera on hand...luckily, Aric was playing around with my old PowerShot S10 and took a bunch of pictures (let me know if you can tell the difference in quality).

We gave Ashlyn a bath and tucked her into bed a little bit eariler tonight.

Aric and I caught parts of MTV's "Making the Band". It's Bad Boy Initiation week, and P. Diddy had the group walk from downtown/Times Square to Brooklyn for cheesecake (and back). Since I've never been to NY, I wonder how far is that exactly? It took them about 6 hours on foot. CRAZY! The group was none too happy about that.

I'm going to bed early tonight....tummy's not feeling so good. Hope it's not my cooking. HAHA! =P

me and Ashlyn watching TV

Ashlyn laying on mommy's butt.

HA! Look how her hair stands up!


Ashlyn's pics of the day

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