Wishing you another exciting year to come. Best wishes always!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Patricia!

Today Aric, Ashlyn, and I went over to Sam and Patti's for Sam's Birthday BBQ. We spent the day hanging out with a bunch of friends and their lil' ones. As usual, the guys forgathered in the backyard by the grill, while the ladies and I sat inside chatting and feeding the kiddies. We all had a really good time. Thanks, Sam & Patti!

Tonight, Wey asked us out for dinner. We hardly see that guy anymore and were happy to meet up with him. We ate at CPK in The Marketplace. I wasn't feeling very hungry because of all the BBQ I ate earlier, so Aric and I shared a pizza and salad. I kept telling Aric that I wasn't hungry at all...but once the food was served, I managed to eat more than my share. HAHA! I'm such a freakin' pig! =P

I'm keeping this short. Feeling pretty tired. *YAWN!* G'Nite!
Hope you all had a super-dee-duper weekend! =D

Pictures from today:

Taylor and Lauren

Ashlyn patiently waiting for pie. *Mmm!*

Sam and his birthday pie

kiddies- Taylor, Ashlyn, Lauren, Karis, and Liv

me and my sweethearts

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