This morning, Wey sent me an email with the above picture. The subject heading on his email read: "Ashlyn needs a pet". It would be years before Ashlyn is allowed a pet, but this panda-looking-pup is so darn adorable, I wouldn't mind having him for my own! hehehe

Today was pretty quiet and unproductive. After yesterday's fiasco (and all the scolding), Ashlyn is behaving better. We read books, watched "The Wiggles" and "Barney", and played with her toys. She took a nice long nap this afternoon, which allowed for me to tend to my own things.

Can I just tell you how addicting Friendster is? I've been exchanging emails with people I haven't talk to (or email) in years. And just recently, I've been contacted by some friends I thought were loooooong-lost. It's wild!...in a good way. I'm anxious to see who else is gonna pop up on this thing. hehehe =)

Tonight Aric, Ashlyn, and I had dinner with Emily and Wing at a Chinese-Muslim restaurant in Tustin. The place was incredibly packed (and now I know why)....the food is really good. We shared a couple of really spicy dishes, a soup noodle dish, and a mu-shu dish.

2512 Walnut Avenue
Tustin, CA 92680

Tel: (714) 838-3522

After dinner, we grabbed dessert at Lollicups. I've been there 3 times in 5 days! It's pretty good, and the place is giving Tapioca Express some serious competition. Aric likes to try a different drink each time, but I'm comfortable sticking to the same thing - Royal Milk Tea with Milk Pudding. But for some reason, it looked and tasted different tonight. I took it back, and they made me a new one....but the new one was just like the first. *scratch head* Wierd. Oh well.

Aric, Wing, Em, Ashlyn, and I spent the rest of the evening at home watching "Old School" on DVD. Funny movie! I love Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Seann William Scott, and *drool* Vince Vaughn. I especially found the part where Frank (Will Ferrell's character) tells these college kids about having to hit up Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond really funny. Why?...because it's true. It seems like once you're married, the weekends are reserved solely to shop for everything and anything to improve your home. HAHAHA! And once you have kids...well then, it's trips to the park, Babies R Us, Toys R Us, and Chuck E. Cheese. HAHAHAHA!

After the movie, I asked Aric (as I often do) if he misses his pre-married days. As always, he says he doesn't. But when he asked me the same question, and I listed off a long laundry list of things I miss. HAHA! Well, I do. I miss getting more sleep, taking long baths, hanging out with my girlfriends and friends, movies at the theater, shopping alone, not having to wolf down my food, painting my toes, reading or watching TV uninterrupted, my old job (if you can believe that!), and (occasionally) the feelings that comes with dating.
I'm not complaining, nor do I mean to come across as being selfish. But c'mon, I have to be honest, right? *wink*

Hope you have a great weekend! =D

Pictures from tonight:


me and Aric

Em and Wing

me, Ashlyn, and Em

Wing, Ashlyn, and Aric at Lollicups

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