Wishing you a great 2nd birthday, sweetie! Miss you!

I haven't been in much of a journaling mood. As of late, my writings have been lacking a certain something. I glance through past journals and...GATDAM, they're boring! =T
Since I write the way I talk, I view it as a reflection of me...my personality...and I'm experiencing some kind of weird void/funk. It's hard to explain, but I feel it. *sigh* So, anyway...

Yesterday was similar to the past couple of weeks...quiet. Ashlyn's sniffles gotten worse. Whenever her nose runs, she wipes it across her facee with the back of her hand. It's funny and gross at the same time. hehehe Well, she's learning....a definite step up from the past, when she would just let it run into her mouth. *YUCK!* HAHAHA!

Last night, we had a quiet dinner at home and watched "Fame" on TV. I haven't been following this new contest and was immediately drawn in by the opening number. I was 45 minutes into the 2-hour segment when Grace called. She and James got the keys to their new pad and have began prepping the house before the actual move. I had offered to help her line her cabinets, shelves, and pantry with contact paper...and she wanted to get started right away. I asked Aric to record the remainder of the show for me before we left.

James and Grace's new place is really nice. *whiff*....Ahhh, new house smell. hehehe
I spent a couple of hours helping Grace and Hannah do the kitchen, while Aric watched James and Jeff paint the living room.

After we got home, we tucked Ashlyn into bed and I watched the rest of "Fame". I thought all of the contestants were pretty amazing...with the exception of Jamisen Tiangco (even though she's gorgeous), Raymond Lee (but he's so nice), and Justin Jacoby. I was especially impressed with Harlemm Lee (*WOW!*). Of course, by the time I finished watching it, it was too late for me to vote in. I can't wait to see next week's. =)

Today was kind of a hellish day for me. Ashlyn was being such a terror! It was like, 'Let's Ruin The Carpet Day' today. Any, and every, way she could possibly soil the carpet, she succeeded in doing so.
At home, she was like a little puppy...got poop and pee (separate times) on the bedroom carpet. In the living room, she thought if would be fun to dump out her snack-bowl of cheese crackers and stomp on them. If that wasn't enough, she emptied a freshly filled sippy-cup of water for good measure. I know, I know...I make it sound as if she did it intentionally. But after the third time cleaning up, I was beginning to feel as if she had it in for me!

Grace called this afternoon, and I went over to help her finish up her kitchen. During the 3 hours I was at Grace's [brand new] place, Ashlyn got into more trouble.
She got hold of a used rollerbrush and proudly walked around with it...waving it around like a baton. She dropped the heavy thing, and got paint on her clothes, feet, and James and Grace's new carpet! *AAAAAAAAH!* Shortly after, she dumped a bag of pretzels on the floor and spilled soda! *bite fist* I didn't know what to do. Especially knowing that she's not normally like this. It was beyond frustrating. At her age, I'm not sure how much Ashlyn can comprehend. I had spent all morning, noon, and afternoon saying "NO!" and explaining things to her...but after a couple of minutes, she would be at it again. WTH?!...short-term memory? *huff*

I left after that. Damn, I was pissed!

Tonight we grabbed dinner with Ed and Sue. We ate at A&J's in Irvine and got boba drinks at Lollicups. Ed and Sue wanted to see James and Grace's place so we headed over. Ed helped James and Jeff paint. I didn't help much....I was too busy keeping a watchful eye on Ashlyn. It turned out to be a fun evening...we hung out, played with the kiddies, and chatted up a storm.

After dropping Ed and Sue off, Aric, Ashlyn, and I got home by midnight. I'm so tired. Ever since the poop-incident this morning, I've been wanting to crawl into bed and start the day over. *pleading* Let this be a bad dream. G'Nite!

Pictures from tonight:

Liv in her Ultra-Saucer

Ashlyn and Aric

Ashlyn the Troublemaker



me, Sue, and Grace with our kiddies

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