Today was another quiet day. Ashlyn came down with the sniffles, so we ended up staying in. I didn't get to go to the gym as I planned, but I stretched and did some ab exercises at home. It's better than nothing, right? =P
Grace has been busy these days too....she's in the midst of moving into a new place. *YAY!* Aric and I got to see their new pad over the weekend, and it's really nice. =)

Tonight, Aric, Ashlyn, and I went shopping at Target, then picked up Ed, Sue, and Olivia for a late dinner. We went to Peppino's in Mission Viejo. Though the weather has been slowly cooling down, we ate out on the patio overlooking Lake Mission Viejo, while the heating lamps kept us toasty as we ate. It was really beautiful. Dinner was delicious. Peppino's serve such huge portions and most of us took home leftovers.

Ashlyn didn't eat much all day. There are days when she just isn't interested in food. And recently, she started holding her food in her mouth for long periods of time then spitting it out. It's really frustrating. Aric and I will coax her by (pretend) chewing and swallowing, and making the "Mmmmmm" sound. But it's not very effective...she ends up thinking we like her food and she'll start feeding it to us. *sigh* It's probably a phase and I shouldn't worry too much. Afterall, it's not like she's skinny by any means. hehehe
Sarah wrote in and commented on how Ashlyn no longer looks like a baby. I normally don't notice how big she's getting...until tonight. When I was carrying her, I caught sight of our reflection and thought, "Gee, she IS big!" As her head rests on my shoulder, her toes would brush against my knees! That realization made me feel kind of sad. My baby's all growns up. *sniff*

Ashlyn was really tired and fell asleep on the ride home. She was pretty upset when we roused her while changing her into her pjs. She cried angrily for 20 minutes and then refused to sleep in her crib. We put her in our bed until she fell asleep, then we moved her back into her crib. She must not be feeling well. =(

I'm tired too. G'Nite!

Pictures from today and tonight:

Ashlyn and her monkey

Ashlyn in the kitchen

Ed, Liv, Aric, and Ashlyn at Peppino's



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