Oakley Corporate Compound

Today Aric, Ashlyn, and I went to a "Friends & Family Sale" at Oakley. I've never been to one of these sales before. It was crazy crowded!...much like a swap meet. Even though our invitation had a designated time, we stood in line for over half an hour. It was an incredibly clear and hot day. In the short amount of time we stood in line, my shoulders, back, and arms got badly burned. =P
Aric and I moved from section to section looking at shoes, apparel, hats, etc...
The prices were pretty good, although Aric and I didn't buy much. Most of their stuff are geared towards extreme sports and such. I was interested in checking out their eyewear...but that whole section was completely mobbed. I glanced over at the inventory listed and decided to skip that section.

Both Ashlyn and Aric looked miserable in the heat. Ashlyn wanted to be carried the entire time...and lemme tell you, she's gotten pretty heavy. =( We shopped quickly, then left.

We stopped off at home to rest a bit, then headed over to Ann's. Ann's family is in town for her graduation ceremony. Ann is a year ahead of Aric in the same MBA program. After three long stressful years, she finally done! *YAY!*
The ceremony, held at UCI's Bren Event Center was really nice. Aric has this to look forward to next year, and I felt proud and emotional just thinking about it. =)

At the post ceremony reception, we gathered outdoors (along with hundreds of other people) for refreshments and photo-ops. Afterwards, we all went to a late dinner at Shanghai Restaurant in Irvine. Dinner was a nice. I got a opportunity to catch up with Chris and Hye-Un, whom I haven't seen in a long time. By the time we were finished, it was close to 11pm.

*YAWN!* What a long eventful day! I'm pooped!

Pictures from tonight:

Ann and Phil

Ann and her family

me and Ashlyn

me, Aric, and Ashlyn at the UCI Bren Events Center

Hye-Un (and baby Josiah), Chris, Ann, and me at post-grad reception

Ann and Aric


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