The last couple of days have been pretty laxed. Because of the weather, Ashlyn and I didn't go out much. We stayed in yesterday, then went to my mother-in-law's for dinner. It was nice seeing my in-laws and Aric's grandmother. Ashlyn had a really good time visiting with her grandparents and great-grandmother last night. Patrick didn't join us...I just found out that he's in Hawaii for the Maui Film Festival. Lucky Duck! =)

The weather suddenly cleared today. It was a warm and clear day. I did some stuff around the house and ran some errands.
Tonight, Aric, Ashlyn, and I went over to James and Grace's for Wednesday Nite Dinner. I brought over chicken, and Grace and I made curry. Patti, Sam, and Karis joined us too.

Karis has gotten so big. She's 6 months now. She can sit up all by herself, has a head full of wavy hair, and cheeks for days! She's really cute!
Taylor is getting big too. She's crawling everywhere (including steps), pulling herself to a standing position, and side-stepping around. In the past week, three of her upper incisors have sprouted! She's turned into a drooling machine! HA! =)

Patti: "What happened to Ashlyn's face?"
Peg: "Oh..the bruise? *pause* She was being a bad girl so I had to pop her one."
Patti: *wide eyes*
Peg: *laughing* "She fell."
Patti: *sarcastic* "Surrrrrrrrrrrre."

Tonight was especially lively (and noisy) with all the kiddies. Ashlyn had a grand ol' time playing with everyone. Seeing her next to the lil' ones makes me realize just how big she's gotten...and how fast time flies. *sigh*
Ashlyn's starting to play aggressively with Lauren...always fighting over a certain toy. A couple of times, I had to pull her aside and made her look at me while I explained the concept of sharing. I think eye-contact is very important when disciplining, because it really forces them to focus on the issue. At least it works for me...because Ashlyn will nod and say, "Ah-kay". hehehe

We didn't stay as long as we did in the past. We got home around 10:30pm and I got Ashlyn ready for bed. Ashlyn and I have an early eye-exam tomorrow, so instead of putting her in her pjs, I dressed her a shirt and pant set. hehehe My little short cut to help along the morning routine. HAHAHAHA

Pictures from tonight:

Ashlyn playing

Patti and Karis

Look at those chubby cheeks! *squeal*


me and Ashlyn

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