Happy Friday! I didn't update yesterday....feeling kind of lazy again. =P
In any case, we didn't do too much. Yesterday, Ashlyn and I went to the gym with Grace, Lauren, and Taylor. After gym, Grace and I took the kiddies to Heritage Park for a picnic lunch and a romp on the playground. Ashlyn had fun playing with sand in the sandbox. She managed to bring some of it home too (mostly in her hair and clothes). Last night was pretty chill...ate dinner and went to Target for diapers and toothpaste. *ho-hum*

Ashlyn at 20 months

Today Ashlyn turns 20 months! In the past month, her developmental growth far exceeds her physicalities...aside from a tad more fuzz on her head and lower cuspids erupting, I haven't noticed any other physical changes. But then again, seeing her every day hinders the ability to distinguish gradual changes. =P
Ashlyn's adding to her volcabulary: foods, demands, household objects, names of animals and their sounds...and her words are slowly becoming coherent.
She's got a bundle of energy...from the minute she wakes up until bedtime, she is constantly running, jumping, climbing, dancing, bouncing, tumbling, talking, squealing, and laughing. Just watching her makes me tired. hehehe She has recently learned to climb out of her playpen. Not that she's ever in that thing (except for naps)...but she hikes her leg up and uses her arms to pull herself up and over. It's pretty impressive.
Her appetite is slowing increasing, too. There are days where she can consume as much as I can! Scary.
She's definitely in the thick of her "Terrible Twos". She's beginning to express her likes and dislikes more. She'll have her tantrums when she doesn't get her way, but less often now. On a positive note, she is beginning to understand and accept certain things...like, sharing, saying "Thank You", and being patient.
I truly enjoy seeing her personality and temperment develop and change. Overall, she's a great kid...her sweet playfulness, sense of humor, and charm bowls me over day after day. =D

I got a few emails and responses regarding the spanking issue. I just want to clarify that I DO NOT abuse my child. I firmly believe in building a strong foundation of love, respect, good manners, and discipline. I think, first and foremost, taking the time to explain bad behavior is a must. Ashlyn's last spanking has proved to be quite effective. She has become more cautious about getting into things she's not supposed to and is better behaved. That, to me, is the fruit of tough labor.

Today Ashlyn and I met Grace, Lauren, and Taylor at the gym again. Though my leg hurts like heck, I am driven to maintain my workout regiment. The blisters on my leg has filled with fluid and blood. It looks really awful but I'm sure it's part of the healing process. =/
After gym, Grace and I took the kiddies to lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at my house. I brought down Ashlyn's train set and the girls took turns riding on it. Grace and I went through cases of my old CDs and listened to music. It was nice having Grace over...normally Ashlyn and I are over at her house (eating and drinking everything in her fridge). hehehe

Tonight Aric met with his classmates to work on their final presentation. He got home by 8:30pm, and we spent the evening playing with the baby and watching TV.

So check it....as I was getting Ashlyn ready for bed tonight, I heard the doorbell ring downstairs. It was close to midnight and I was like, "WTH?" Aric went down to see who it was at this late hour, and a couple of minutes later, Ivy, Bett, and Wil ran screaming into my bedroom!
They totally scared the the crap out of me. After recuperating from my near heart-attack, I was consumed with excitement, disbelief, happiness, and glee! *YAY!* I couldn't believe they drove down! My hubby, the sly dawg, knew of the surprise for quite some time. It was pretty awesome. =D

We hung out in the living room a bit while Ivy, Bett, and Wil played with Ashlyn. Then, after Aric put the baby down to bed, the girls and I spent the late evening hanging out in the backyard, enjoying a baguette with paté and a bottle of Cab, underneath the sparkle of lights hanging from the patio umbrella. We stayed up talking till the wee hours of the morning and laughed till our sides hurt. It was great! *sigh* I'm so lucky!

Wishing you all a great weekend! =D

Pictures from tonight:

Wil, Bett, me, Ashlyn, and Ivy

Bett, Ashlyn, and Wil having fun on the train

Auntie Bett reading to Ashlyn

relaxing in the backyard

Ivy, Bett, and Wil

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