I had a hard time sleeping last night...the pain in my leg is getting worse. I don't know if it was the prescribed ointment or if this virus is just running it's course, but the area around the blisters puffed up and I experienced a lot of throbbing and burning. Once in a while, my foot would twitch from the sensitiviy. Not fun, I tell ya. =T
I don't know how long it takes to recover from Zosters, but I'm discovering new crops of blisters forming. *OH NO!* =(

I decided to forgo the gym today and stay at home to rest. The weather turned strangely cold all of a sudden. It was gloomy all day.

I cleaned and reorganized Ashlyn's closet and dressers this morning. I feel like I'm constantly packing away her clothes. She has tons of clothes, and she's outgrowing many of them quickly. =( I know Aric does not share the same sentiments, but I really hope our next child is another girl...I'd hate to see all these cute clothes go to waste.

Sarah finally got back from her honeymoon today. She called soon after landing into LAX. We chatted a bit, catching up on the last three weeks. It was so good to hear her voice. She was gone far too long and I was missing her. =)

Ashlyn and I spent the afternoon playing and working on her alphabets. I know many kids her age who have already mastered at least half the alphabet. I know it's not conducive to compare babies (since they learn at different paces), but Ashlyn can't seem to pass any letters beyond "A". To her, every letter is "A". I'll draw the letter "B" on her Magna-Doodle, and she'll continue to say "A". After 10 minutes of drilling the word "B" into her head, I'll draw it again, point to it, and Ashlyn will still say "A". *throw hands up in the air*
I'll try again tomorrow.

Aric (who met up with his study group after work) got home a little later than usual tonight. He picked up food on the way home so I could stay off my feet. Sweet, huh? =)
Aric, being busy with work and finals, will call me throughout the day to remind me to take my medicine (I have five doses in a day).
Tonight after dinner, he played with Ashlyn, gave her a bath, tucked her into bed, then worked on his finals project. What did I do?....I watched "Dog Eat Dog" and "Smallville" and gabbed on the phone. =P Sometimes I don't realize how much my hubby spoils me. *sigh*

I should go to bed early tonight. G'Nite!

"I might not have a lot of hair, but I still have to brush it." HAHAHA!

Big Bird Hairbrush *DOPE!*

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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