...da heck?!
n case the body part above is indistinguishable, it's my knee/thigh.)

Last Tuesday, what began as a small dot (I thought was a bug bite) turned into a small rash. Over the course of six days, the rash got worse, developed blisters, and started spreading to other parts of my upper right leg. The pain also became more severe (sometimes unbearable)...a constant stabbing and burning sensation. By Saturday, I noticed an onset of new random dots and began to worry.
This evening I went to see a dermatologist friend, and discovered that I have Herpes Zoster (aka..'shingles'). I was surprised by the diagnosis, because (up until today) I have always associated this disease with the elderly. Having spent the last couple of months traveling a lot with a toddler, being busy/stressed (in spurts), and recently recovering from an illness most likely activated the virus. *shrug* Who knows. I'm just relieved to know what I have and can begin treatment. However, I did feel a little foolish for not seeking treatment earlier. Denial is such a foible. =P

HAHAHA!...just realized that this is the 3rd disgusting rash picture I've posted on my site. I assure you that we're not falling apart. *knock on wood* Please don't treat us like lepers. HAHAHA!...kidding.

Today was a nice day. Ashlyn surprised me by sleeping in...which allowed me to sleep in. We got up and met Grace at the gym. I noticed that my energy level is higher...I'm able to stay on the eliptical machine longer, increase my strides per minute, keep my heart rate above 130, and not struggle with it as much as last week. *thumbs up!* =D
I didn't get a chance to work on my arms or legs on the individual machines today because a certain somebody whose name rhymes with "Hash-Win" started crying in Daycare. hehehe

Grace and I grabbed a salad then went home.

Tonight, after seeing our dermatologist friend, Aric, Ashlyn, and I went to the pharmacy to pick up meds. We also had a late dinner with Ed and Sue at Red Robin. Wow!...It's like the 5th consectutive day we've seen them. Starting to feel like old times. hehehe =)

It's late. G'Nite!

bringing out a new toy



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