Your birthday is an especially important day.
It's a time to wish you a wonderful year ahead...
a time to wish you a treasure of happiness from the year gone by...
and a time to give you a lasting reminder that you are,
and always will be, very special to me! I love yoos!

For some strange reason, Ashlyn woke up this morning at 4am crying. I'm assuming from a bad dream. She cried, tossed, and turned for a long time. I tried everything to soothe her, but nothing seemed to work. It was miserable. She finally fell back to sleep around 6am. I was deliriously tired...I think I got in 4 hours of sleep before Brian, Grace, and Brandon came down this morning.

It was such a warm clear day, and we took advantage of it by having lunch outdoors at The Crossroads Food Court in Irvine. The fellas had to help Ed set up the network in Ed's new shop...so while the guys were busy working, Sue, Grace, and I took the kiddies to South Coast Plaza to walk around and then to Garden Grove to buy groceries.

The day went by pretty fast. Before I knew it, it was dinnertime. James, Grace, Lauren and Taylor joined us at Ed and Sue's. It was a fun and lively gathering. We made shabu-shabu for dinner. Because of our lil' ones, we had to eat in shifts. We let the guys eat first (since they were starving and we had a snack at the mall), then the gals and I sat down and enjoyed our meal over a lengthy dinner conversation.
James and Grace brought over Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream for dessert. I was too stuffed from dinner, but I did indulge in a few bites of Aric's Rocky Road and it was scrumptious! =D

We spent the evening hanging out and watching "Austin Powers: Goldmember" on DVD.
The lil' ones are all growing so big. Liv and Brandon are sitting up and starting solid food now, Taylor's getting around on all fours pretty quickly these days, and Ashlyn and Lauren are...well, the same I suppose. Though they're also growing, it doesn't seem as significant as the smaller ones. Not to say that it's insignificant...but their changes are not visibly drastic (if that makes sense). =P
Okay, I'm tired and rambling nonsense. hehehe

We got back pretty late. Ashlyn must have been so tired because she slept the entire time we changed her into her pjs.
Peg: *yawn* "I hope she doesn't wake up crying again."
Aric: "If she does, wake me and I'll take care of her."
Peg: "Nah, it's okay...you have to work tomorrow."
Aric: "It's okay. I don't mind...you need sleep too."
Awww! *sniff*...my hubby is so sweet! =D

I'm going to sleep on my comfy bed now. Hope you had a great weekend! G'Nite!

Pictures from today (wished I had taken more, but I'm getting bad at bringing out the camera these days):

Big Boy Brandon!


Ashlyn's silly smile

Grace and Liv

Ashlyn, Sue, Liv, Grace, and Brandon at the mall

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