Today was pretty relaxing...Ashlyn and I stayed home during the morning and afternoon. By the time Aric came home from school, we went to check out Kohl's Big Sale. I was surprised to find that nearly everything in the store was marked 50% off!...including the plushy bath mats I had purchased just a few days ago. =O
Luckily, the store reimburses you the difference (if the sale items were purchased within 14 days). KICKASS! =D

Afterwards, we ran some more errands and grabbed dinner at Curry House. Ashlyn was pretty fussy tonight. I'm getting used to it, since I see that side of her moreso these days, but it was probably the first for Aric. He looked so frustrated watching her go through her tantrums at dinner. hehehehe

Ed, Sue, and Olivia joined us at Curry House. They had just gotten out of a victorious Mighty Ducks Game and were pretty hungy. While they ate, Aric and I told them about the Big Sale... so after dinner we all headed back to Kohl's. I had picked up some picture frames and really nice placemats for $1.49 each! Whatta steal! By then, it got pretty late so we all went home.

I gotta tell ya...our new bed is so comfy! Both Aric and I slept really well last night and continued raving about it today:
Peg: "I slept sooooo good last night."
Aric: "Yeah, me too." *pause* "Did I snore less last night?"
Peg: *chuckle* "No."
Aric : *bummed* "Oh."
HAHAHA! Dude, what I wouldn't do for a bed that could cure Aric's snoring. HAHAHA!

Pooped!...going to bed eariler tonight.


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