Happy Friday! Today was a really nice day...I met Grace at the gym, worked out, took the kiddies to lunch, came home, did some laundry, relaxed on the couch, and played with Ashlyn.

Most of the late afternoon was spent waiting for delivery guys to bring us our new Serta 'Perfect Night' mattress. Don't you just love the 4-8 hour time frame they give you?
Anyhow, once they delivered it and put it on our platform-bed frame, Aric and I looked at eachother and started laughing. The mattress is sooooooo thick! It's twice the thickness of our old mattress (which was a piece of IKEA junk). With the new mattress, our headboard sticks out just a little bit...which makes it look goofy. And after putting on the mattress cover, sheets (which barely fit), comforter, and pillows, our bed looks even higher! Ashlyn can no longer climb into our bed. =T Gawd help our next child...falling from our bed now will hurt like a mutha! HAHAHA!

I can't wait to try out the new bed. I've never really slept on a great quality mattress before. In college, I slept on a rickety futon. Post college, I slept on squishy mattress. When I visit my parents, the bed I sleep on is ULTRA-firm. It's basically a pool-table without pockets. And, as I mentioned above, our old mattress wasn't resilient enough.

Tonight was pretty mellow. Ashlyn and I watched TV and played while Aric studied for finals.

My arms and shoulders are tight and sore from today's workout...and my legs feel like jello. *smile* I love this pain. =)

Have a great weekend!


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