(Ed and his babygirl, Liv)
Wishing you a fabulous birthday with many exciting and prosperous events to come! =D

Every morning I go downstairs, fix Ashlyn a bottle and a bowl of cereal, and bring it up to her so she can enjoy her breakfast while watching "PBS" or "Playhouse Disney" in our room. Fixing her breakfast doesn't take long at all...at most, five minutes. So imagine my horror when I came up this morning to find Ashlyn covered from head to toe in my deepest shade of lipstick!!! *ARGH!* She got into my cosmetics drawer, grabbed an almost new MAC 'Siren', and drew all over her face, arms, legs, and squashed the remaining stick all over her pjs. I was beside myself! From the look on my face, she instantly knew that she was in big trouble. She tried to hide, but all she ended up doing was trekking lipstick all over the carpet. *huff* Ashlyn definitely got a good spanking.

I realize a lot of people don't believe in spanking their kids anymore. Personally, I believe spankings instills discipline and the concept of consequence. I'm not saying beat your child down...but I've watched parents try to lecture and reason with their child to exhausting lengths. And I've watched kids fearlessly (and sometimes intentionally) misbehave. There is nothing more effective than a swat to the butt cheeks. It also depends on the individual too. As a kid, my little sister rarely needed a spanking. She learned enough just by watching me get punished. I, on the other hand, was such a stubborn and dumb kid....I needed to be hit over the head repeatedly with a 2X4 before I'd learn my lesson. HAHAHA!
Ashlyn, sadly, takes after me. =P

Anyhow, most of the morning was spent cleaning the carpet (Folex rocks!), and giving Ashlyn a bath.

I made it to the gym on time, and Grace and I got in an intense workout. After our stretches, she ran the treadmill for half an hour while I was on the eliptical machine. After five minutes, I wanted to quit...but I stuck it out, and ran for 25 minutes! Getting off the eliptical machine, I thought my legs were going to buckle. I walked it off, stretched some more, then utilized the remaining hour to work on the different machines. It was painful, but it felt good. I heard Ashlyn had fun in Daycare today. *thumbs up*

Grace and I had lunch at Curry House, checked out Old Navy and Ross at the Marketplace then went home. Like yesterday, I napped while Ashlyn napped. When I woke up, my arms felt sore and heavy. *grin*

Emily dropped some stuff off after work and hung out for a bit. When Aric got home, I had him watch Ashlyn while I jumped in the shower.

Tonight, Grace treated me, Aric, Ed, and Sue to dinner in honor of Ed's birthday. We ate at Doo Rae Bok Korean Restaurant in Garden Grove. Food was really tasty and plentiful. We even had a private room toward the back of the restaurant so our kiddies could make all the noise they wanted. hehehe

We got back around 10:30pm. I'm pooped and sore. G'Nite!

Pictures from tonight:

Sue and Grace

me and Lauren

Ashlyn and Aric

Ed and his girls

Taylor and Lauren

my naughty lil' munchkin

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