Today Ashlyn and I met up with Grace, Lauren, and Taylor at Kohl's. I'm continuing my search for bed linens and bath mats. I found some nice plushy bath mats in the color I wanted. The price was aiight I guess...I ended up spending more than I wanted to though. =/
I didn't find any sheets I liked at Kohl's. Aric and I desire a high thread count, but I don't want to spend more than $30. I'm probably being unrealistic. I'm looking at 250-300TC range...but Aric's looking more towards the 600TC Egyptian Cotton. Crazy! He actually found some on Ebay. The price is unbeatable....so I think we might just purchase it online. I'll let ya know if there really is a difference in thread count. HAHAHA!

It was a super hot day....close to 90's. After shopping, Grace and I got smoothies at Juice It Up and took the kiddies to lunch at Champagne French Bakery. Lunch was really good. I had the Quiche combo and Grace got the Sandwich combo. Ashlyn doesn't sit so well in a highchair anymore. She used to sit nicely throughout the duration of our meals, but nowadays...after a few quick bites, she wants down! *sigh* She's growing and changing so much (and not necessarily for the better). =P

After lunch, Grace and I went our separate ways. I took Ashlyn home and put her down for a nap. Not sure if it was the heat or food coma, but I fell onto the couch and took a nap too. =)

In the evening, Ashlyn and I went over to James and Grace's for Wednesday Nite Dinner. Tonight we had pork cutlets, fried soft-shelled crab, salad, rice, and kimchee. It was really yummy. Aric joined us after school and we sat around and talked while the kiddies watched "The Wiggles".
Before I left, Grace called out, "So...gym tomorrow?"
Peg: "sure...what time?"
Grace: "noon?"
Peg: "okay."
James and Aric looked at eachother and chuckled. *Bastards!*
Yeah, yeah...I know we haven't gone in a couple of months, but try to be encouraging, damnit!





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