Damn, she looks familiar!

Evil inquired in my guestbook: "i was surfing today and came across a yahoo SBC ad ... is it who i think it is?! =:o"
Yep...it's Bett! I was meaning to post it up, but kept forgetting. =P Her ad came out the second week of April. It's hard to find, but will pop up when you least expect it. Isn't she a cutie?! =D

Today was a hot day. I debated going out, but I was feeling rather lazy. =P I did a few loads of laundry, packed away some of Ashlyn's old clothes and toys, and hung around the house. While Ashlyn napped, I sat in the backyard and went through the Sunday paper ads. Ten minutes was all I could stand of the heat before returning to the cool comfort of the house.

After Aric came home, we went to Strouds in search of new bedding. Strouds in The Marketplace is going out of business and we wanted to check out some of their deals. Unfortunately, we didn't find anything we liked. We walked over to Target, and they didn't have anything either. I found sheets in the perfect color and thread count, but they only had California King and Twin sizes left. *bummer* Aric suggested another Target, but I wanted to go home. Maybe I'll look online or go to Kohl's or BBB (Bed Bath & Beyond) next.

We had salad and sushi for dinner. Without "Smallville", there's not much to look forward to on the telly on Tuesdays. =( Oh well.

I'm turning in early tonight. G'Nite!

Ashlyn and Aric

Silly face!
Ashlyn's pics of the day

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