This morning Aric, Ashlyn, and I took my car in for an oil change at Ed's shop. With all the trips up to NorCal, I've already put 7,500 miles on my car! =O
While Aric changed the oil and filter, Ed and I played with Ashlyn and tried to keep her busy. She kept wanting to stick her hand in the drip bucket and touch all sorts of dirty stuff in the garage. YUCK!

Afterwards, Aric and I bought some groceries and headed home. Brian, Grace, and Brandon came down around 2pm. The fellas watched the kiddies while Grace and I prepped food for tonight's BBQ.
By 5pm, we all headed over to Ed and Sue's. We secretly planned an early birthday celebration for Ed's birthday (in the guise of a Memorial Day Weekend BBQ). A small group of friends gathered and pigged out on BBQ pork ribs, grilled steaks, tossed salad,
baked potatoes (with all the fixins), shrimp cocktail, BBQ corn on the cob, fresh fruit, chips-n-dip, and yummy birthday cake.

It was such a fun evening! Ashlyn had a really good time too, and fell fast asleep before we left. I think Aric and I got home around midnight. *YAWN!* I'm tired.

Pictures from today:

bubbles for Ashlyn

Brian, Ashlyn, Aric, and Ed

Bernie and Holly with Liv and Karis

Brian and Grace

Karis and Patti

me and Aric

Ed, Liv, and Sue

Liv and Brandon

Ashlyn playing

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