Happy Friday! Ashlyn and I didn't do much today...spent another quiet day at home. I still have this darn cold and my abs are sore from coughing so much.
Ashlyn started copying me today...she'd cough whenever I cough. At first I thought it was cute and we had a good laugh over it (but then it encouraged her to do it more)...and after a while, it wasn't so funny. There were times when I swore she was making fun of me. HAHAHA!
Seriously though, I think babies are incredibly smart (even if they won't remember what they did/said prior to age 3). They observe, learn, and mimic (or sometimes it's just innate), and it comes out in their personality. Even at this young age, I will catch glimpses of Ashlyn interacting maturely. Thus, being around her as much as I am, I will sometimes forget just how young she is. I think the only time I can actually see her as a baby is when she's sleeping.

Gee, I can go on and on about this...but I won't. I think I spend WAY TOO much time with her. =P

Tonight Aric took us out to dinner at Black Anus (Angus). Ever since Tuesday, Aric's been saying, "Black Angus on Friday, right?". HAHAHA! He had this 2-for-1 coupon which was an excellent deal for how much they give you: fresh baked bread, a sampler platter appetizer, soup or salad, 8oz prime rib (with sides), and a mudpie to share...all for the price of one meal! You can't pass that up. Dinner was pretty good...much better than I anticipated.
After we paid, I discovered that they forgot to take our coupon. Which probably means, we'll go again before it expires. We're such damn cheapskates! HAHAHAHA!

Spent the rest of the evening digesting. =D Hope you have a fun and safe long weekend!

Ashlyn's pics of the day

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