Sorry for the lack of updates. For the past few days I've been feeling crummy due to this stupid cold. I've been spending the days staying home, resting, and slowing backloading journals from the last three weeks.

I felt so overwhelmed in the beginning....I almost wanted to put up a "on hiatus" page. But slowly, as I got more accomplished, the motivation came back. It also helped getting emails, phone calls, and guestbook entries pushing me along. hehehe =)

I realize most of my readers look forward to seeing pictures over the actual text. I mean, c'mon....nothing I say is ever that important, insightful, or entertaining, right? I can accept that. But posting pictures without text is not good enough for me. Afterall, the sole purpose for journaling (aside from keeping family and friends current on my life) is to help record events of days gone by. My memory is not as good as it used to be and days seem to fly by much too quickly. I can't even believe we're toward the end of another month! =O

I actually got a lot done today. Because I'm sick, I didn't go to Grace's for Wednesday Nite Dinner. But being at home ALL day with Ashlyn was enough to drive me a little batty. I mean, I'm with her all the time every day...but it's nice when Aric comes home and plays with her. It gives me a little bit of time to myself....even if it's just 10 minutes. Since Aric had school tonight, Ashlyn was riding on my last nerve. I found myself popping in one of her favorite DVDs to keep her occupied while I took refuge in the home-office. I was actually hiding from her! HAHAHAHA! But she would come looking for me every 5 minutes. *sigh*

Dina's in town and called asking for directions to Cheesecake Factory. I directed her to The Spectrum in Irvine. I always take out-of-town friends and family there. I really think it's a sight to see. I hope she enjoyed it. hehehe

Okay, so last night's season finale of "Smallville" was pretty disappointing. The previous episode built it all up, and the finale sorta let the "ball drop". I can't believe they're just going to leave us hanging with such a weak ending. I can't believe I have to wait all summer before next season. *whine & pout*
Tonight I caught the 2-hour season finale of "Law & Order". It was pretty good.

Anyhow, I should be able to finish up the backloading by tomorrow. I'm tired. *cough*cough* G'Nite!

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