There are some birthdays I can never forget...yours is one of them.
Warm thoughts of you on this special day. Miss ya!

Mom woke me up at 8am wondering how to operate our coffee-maker...
Mom: "Don't you have instant coffee?"
Peg: "No...we rarely drink coffee."
Mom: "Then why do you have a coffee-maker?"
Peg: "It was a wedding gift."
Mom: "Oh. Aiyah, mah-fan!" (translation: "Aiyah, troublesome!")

After making coffee, my mom told me to go back to bed, but I stayed up and had breakfast with my parents and Rudy anyway. We sat around and talked till Amanda, Aric, and Ashlyn got up. My parent's wanted to see a copy of Patrick's documentary, so I popped it in and watched it. It's very good (per Patrick's request, I'm not at liberty to say any more about it).

Afterwards, I got dressed, and we loaded up my car and Aric's car. We had lunch at Mimi's Cafe before heading to the piers of Long Beach.
Pulling up to the pier and seeing the grand Elation in all of it's glory brought back happy memories.
Peg: "Wow!...it's like the Titanic!"
Mom: "Don't say that!"
Whoops, mah bad! HAHAHAHA! But you know what I mean. I hope they have as much fun on the cruise as I did. =D
A new parking structure was erected at the piers in Long Beach. I was here less than a year ago and they didn't have this. It a better system. Aric said it decreased the traffic that builds up during cruise drop off/pick ups.

After dropping my parents, Rudy, and Amanda off, we drove back home. The sun and warmth made me feel drained and sleepy. The minute we got back, I took a nap while Ashlyn played and Aric washed his car. When I awoke an hour later, I felt a swelling in the back of my throat and a low grade fever develop. Crap!...I caught what Aric and Ashlyn has. =(

The rest of the evening was spent at home lounging and watching TV. Hoped you had a nice relaxing weekend!

Pictures from today:

Amanda, Mom, and Rudy at Mimi's Cafe

me, Ashlyn, and Aric

Mom and Dad with Ashlyn

Amanda, me, baby, Mom, Rudy, and Dad

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