I am grateful for your generous and unyielding friendship.
Looking forward to creating many more wonderfully fun memories for years to come!
Wishing you the very best! *BIG HUG!*

Ashlyn and I had lunch with Em and Wing today...in celebration of Em's birthday. We ate at Wolfgang Puck's at South Coast Plaza. The weather was warm and kind of humid, so we ate on the patio. We had fried calamari, salads, and pizza. It was delicious. Afterward, we walked around the mall and window-shopped.

Ashlyn and I got back by 4pm. My parents, godfather, and niece are driving up. They're going on the same cruiseship (Carnival's Elation) I went on with my girlfriends last summer. The only difference is that they paid half of what we paid! *jaw dropping* It's off-peak season right now, and there are advantages to having a flexible schedule. hehehe

My father-in-law and Netty, who stopped by to pick up some software around the time my parents got in, joined us for a big dinner. We ate at China Garden in Irvine. The food was really good. Aric and I go to China garden occasionally, but we never know what to order. It doesn't help that neither of us can read the menu. =/

After dinner, I took my parents and Amanda to The Spectrum. They have never been there and were pretty much in awe of the place. It helped that it was a lively and bustling Saturday night. =)
We walked around, took pictures, and indulged in ice cream at Cold Stones. We got back by before midnight.

Amanda and I stayed up watching TV. I rarely get to see or spend much time with the twins these days so it was nice being able to chill and catch up. In the last couple of years, both Chris and Amanda have changed so much....you know, teenagers. Amanda is much more quiet and shy than Chris though. She smiles timidly as she observes. We didn't talk as much as I hoped, but I'll take what I can get. I was so happy just to be near her. *sigh & sniff*
Have a good weekend!

Pictures from today and tonight:

Wing and Em at lunch

me and Em

candid Ashlyn

Mmmm...free birthday dessert!

Amanda, me, Mom, Ashlyn, and Dad at The Spectrum



Mom and sleepy Ashlyn

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