Today was pretty mellow. Ashlyn and I stayed home most of the afternoon. After Ashlyn's nap, we went to get the car washed. I've been lagging on washing the car. The windshield has all these bugs and splat-marks encrusted on it from our trip from NorCal. I tipped the guy extra for getting all the bugs off the grill. hehehehe

Afterwards, we went over to Grace's for Wednesday Nite Dinner. Grace got creative tonight and made create-your-own Vietnamese spring roll bar. I don't know where she gets all these cool ideas. It was really good. We had this one really spicy chili dipping sauce that had my mouth burning for the rest of the night. =P Grace's sister-in-law, Hannah, joined us too.
Aric joined us after school and we sat around talking for a bit.

Got home around 11pm and put the baby down for bed. Aric's "allergies" turned out to be a cold. He's been feeling really miserable the last couple of days so we called it a night.

Damn...before I forget, did anyone catch "Smallville" last night? *giddy* I think the female doctor on the show (Lex's love-interst) is really beautiful. Oh, and Clark finally hooked up with Lana. FINALLY! But then all these crazy things happened in the episode that poses a threat to Clark's identity. It's getting really intense! *squeal*
Sarah (who was leaving for her honeymoon) called me from the airport ten minutes before the show ended. I was having a hard time following her conversation, but I was trying to play it off. hehehe She could totally tell that I was distracted and I confessed...giving her play-by-play details of the show. Not that she cared...she doesn't like "Smallville". *tsk* hehe
I can't believe Sarah's leaving for 3 weeks! That's a helluva long time! I hope she and Parkin has tons of fun. =D

Oh, speaking of "Smallville", it reminded me of something exciting that happened this past weekend. Yeah...don't mind me, my topics are jumping all over the place tonight. My brother-in-law, Patrick's documentary, "A Flight from Death: The Quest to Immortality" won Best Documentary Award at the Film Festival in Beverly Hills! KICKASS! At the banquet that followed, he got to meet Emmanuelle Vaugier (the hottie-doctor from "Smallville")! Since I didn't take any pictures today, I thought I'd share some pictures of Patrick and his weekend.
(pictures courtesy of Patrick):

Greg, Patrick, and Joy with Gabriel Byrne

Gabriel Byrne signing posters

Greg, Emmanuelle, and Patrick

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