And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin, Heather!
Many happy wishes to you for a year filled with wonderful things! Love ya, girl!

Ahhh, Mother's Day...one day out of the year where we recognize and appreciate all the efforts our mothers put forth.
My mother is so amazing. Not only does she care for so many people (ie...my cousins, extended family, etc..) emotionally and financially, but makes them feel safe, loved, and inspired. Because of that, I thank and cherish her for everything she does. I also thank my mother-in-law for being a part of my life, for allowing me to be a part of hers, and for showing me life I've never had the opportunity to experience. Lastly, thanks to everyone who sent thoughtful cards, egreetings, and gifts. =)

This morning we got up early to pack up our stuff and to have brunch with my family at Sweet Tomatoes. I was kind of in a funky mood...not my happy self. It must have been pretty obvious to everyone (especially Aric) because everyone kept their distance till it passed. I not sure why I was feeling that way. Maybe it had to do with my obsessive-compulsive ways. We had to leave, but nothing was packed. I felt rushed, but no one helped me. And with all the people living in my parents' house, no one seemed to know where anything was. I finally had to cut my losses and just say "to heck with it", and leave behind whatever I couldn't find so we could go on our way.

The drive back wasn't bad. I sat in the back with Ashlyn. Aric brought along his laptop, and we watched "The Wiggles" and "Barney" DVDs for most of the ride home. It really makes me want to install a DVD player and screen in the car. Ashlyn was so happy and content the whole way home. hehehehe

We got in around 8:30pm. We stopped for milk on the way home and picked up McDonalds for dinner. We spent the rest of the night relaxing. I think it will be a while till my next visit. I've been away from our house so much the last couple of months...all my poor plants have died. =(

I'm pooped! Hope you had a great weekend!

Pictures from today:

my family at brunch

Marisa, Mom, Heather, and Amanda

Wil, Tony, Chris, Sis, Eva, and Dad

me and Aric

Ashlyn enjoying her very own soft serve. *Mmmm!* =D

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