Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Julie!

CONGRATULATIONS to Sarah and Parkin!

Dana woke me up at 5am. I slept a total of three hours, but I don't think I really slept. I was plagued with anxiety and conscious of Sarah's mom pacing the halls nervously all night. The hair and makeup artist arrived promptly at 6am...with the arrival of the photographer and videographer at 8am. Sarah, Dana, Ivy, and I headed to the church in Palo Alto around 10am in a stylish PT Cruiser Limo.

The ceremony began promptly at noon. The weather was warm and sunny...we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. The church looked great and you could feel the happiness and warmth. Wil brought Ashlyn in right before the ceremony began. We gave her some Jamba Juice (with Energy boost) and crossed our fingers that all would go smooth. hehehe
It went pretty smooth. Ashlyn and Jo walked down the aisle in their pretty lil' dresses. They looked absolutely adorable! But halfway down the long aisle, Ashlyn decided she wanted to go back. Still holding onto Jo's hand, Ashlyn turned around and started walking back dragging Jo with her. Many guest tried to redirect them. Finally, Jo's mom grabbed a hold of them and led them both down the aisle. It got a few chuckles. Aric intercepted Ashlyn at the front and sat down with Tony, Wil, Bett, and Wing. Like a good pet, Ashlyn was rewarded with some sweet treats Aric had in his pocket. HAHAHA!
The minute I saw Sarah walk down the aisle with her parents, I started crying. The small piece of tissue
I had in my hand was already soaked before Sarah even made it to the front. Behind me, I could hear Selina whisper "stop it!" repeatedly. I don't know what's wrong with me. Over the years, I've become increasingly sensitive...especially after having Ashlyn.
To me, the rituals of getting married translates to seeing two individuals marking the end of a certain part of their lives and beginning a new one. Okay, perhaps not so trite as that, but moreso a feeling I get. Here, let me try to sum it all up: it's a tremendous happiness, pride, and also a bit of sorrow..years of love and nurturing..watching your little girl/boy grow up and starting his/her own family..Wow, where did the time go?-kinda feeling. Yeah, I got all that from the mere sight of Sarah with her parents. I know, I'm weird. hehehe

After the ceremony and picture-taking at the church, we hopped into a kickass Hummer Stretch Limo. We picked up Miyakes for lunch, ate in the limo, and made our way to the Stanford campus to take outdoor pictures. Afterwards, we had snacks and champagne in the limo and made our way to the reception in the City. The Limo was so BLING, I felt like I was riding with P. Diddy's entourage or something. It was pretty dope! =D

The reception at The Rincon Center was breathtaking! It has got to be one of the biggest banquets I've ever been to....over 600 guests! The set-up was amazingly lavish. We enjoyed cocktails, an impressive lion dance (with a total of nine lions!), a scrumptious 10-course meal, a fun slideshow, and dancing. Sarah and Parkin's wedding was a reunion of sorts for friends I haven't seen or talked to in a while. I was running on adrenaline all day and I had so much fun! =D

Aric, Ashlyn, Wil, Tony, and I left around 11pm (though it felt much later). Everyone, except Tony, crashed out on the way home. Before bed, I just smiled reflecting back on the day. The bride and groom looked so radiant and happy. I'm so elated for them. It was great! =D

Pictures from today:

Ivy, me, Sarah, and Dana in fron tof the PT Cruiser Limo

my sweet lil' flowergirl

First United Methodist Church

Jo and Ashlyn *CUTE!* (picture courtesy of May)


Ashlyn, me, and Aric

Ashlyn with Eryn and Megan

Hummer Stretch Limo

groom and groomsmen snacking

me and Sarah at Stanford

The Rincon Center

YKM Lion Dance Troupe

me and Ashlyn (picture courtesy of Rich)


Wil, Bett, and me

Cin, Mayu, and Ivy

Paul, Oli, and Tony taking pictures (picture courtesy of Wil)

Liz, Stacey, Sarah, Joyce, and May

sealed with a kiss!

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