Happy Friday! Today was pretty quiet. My parents didn't go into work, so we all stayed at home. I had to pack and prep some stuff for Sarah's wedding. Aric took the day off from work and drove up. His friend, Cary, is buying his Civic, so Aric drove it up.
I was soooo happy to see Aric. Ashlyn was happy to see her Daddy too. =)

Tonight, Aric, Ashlyn, and I attended a fundraising banquet at the Hyatt for an organization my mom is involved with (CCSC). It's a non-profit organization that provides afterschool tutoring or further education for underpriviledged kids and teens. It's an admirable organization, and I am very proud of my mother's involvement.
We had dinner, enjoyed the evening's speeches and entertainment, and we perused the Silent Auction table. I couldn't stay long, since I needed to be at Sarah's house no later than 10:30pm. Sarah said that she would be in bed by 9pm. Shyeah, right! I left after Mom got presented with a plaque. =)

Aric dropped me off at Sarah's, and Ivy greeted me at the door. I blew the hubby a kiss and went inside. I found Sarah ducking behind the door giggling in her wedding dress. She looked so cute. We all decided to put on our dresses for a trial-run. Sleep at 9.....*ppfttt*...Sarah, Ivy, Dana, and I stayed up till midnight talking before saying goodnight. But Ivy and I ended up talking in the dark till about 2am! I know tomorrow's going to be rough...but it's hard to sleep when you're this excited. I almost feel like I'm the one getting married. hehehe
Have a great weekend!

Pictures from tonight:

me and Aric

Wil and Dad



Tony, Ashlyn, and Wil


Ashlyn being silly


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