Today was pretty laid back. Ivy and I met up for lunch and ran some errands together. I had to pick up a couple of birthday gifts and some Mother's Day gifts. Afterwards, Ashlyn and I went home.

In the evening, I was back at Ivy's for dinner. I think the thing I miss most about living in the Bay Area is being able to hang with my friends whenever I want. At any given moment, on a regular basis, our friends would get together for no particular reason. It's a really nice feeling. Back in OC, I have friends like Grace and Emily to hang out with on a whim...but it's separate. It's either Grace or Emily...but not together. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining...I'm just stating a difference. Here, all my friends are friends with eachother so gatherings are larger and more festive.

Anyways...Ivy made a sushi bar and we got to make our own spicy tuna, kani, uni, hamachi, sake, and wakame salad rolls. It was yummay!
After dinner we watched TV and played with Ashlyn. We watched "Friends" and "Eco-Challenge: Fiji". "Eco-Challenge" is crazy! No matter how physically fit I am, I could never imagine attempting to do something like that. I might do okay with very little sleep. But I probably wouldn't do so well on very little food. My biggest weakness would probably be hypothermia. I rather be trekking in very hot and humid conditions than cold and wet conditions. One of the teams (USA's Smirnoff Ice PlayboyX-treme) had to eliminate itself because one of their team members had hypothermia and started hallucinating. *shivers*
New Zealand's Team Seagate.com NZ finished first, followed by USA's Team GoLite/BALANCE Bar in second, and Australia's Team Air Pacific in third. Pretty damn awesome!

Paul just got back from Taiwan today. Ivy made him wear a mask around the baby as a precaution. Like Ashlyn's not scared enough by Paul's presence alone. HAHAHAHA!
SARS is still rampant in Asia, and Ivy didn't want to risk anything. Paul argues that it's not as serious as everyone thinks. Yeah, whatever, dude...I'll just stay on my side of the room. HAHAHA! I'm kidding.

I didn't stay too late. I promised my mom that I'd get Ashlyn home in time for her goodnight kiss. hehehehe

Pictures from tonight:

Wing, Tony, Wil, Aaron, Bett, and Ivy at dinner

Wing and Ashlyn playing

Bett and Tony watching TV

Paul and Aaron

Ivy, Wil, Bett, and me

Ashlyn playing

Ashlyn with Uncle Doo-Doo

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