Ashlyn turned 19 months yesterday! She's a little taller and heavier. Her hair is still taking it's sweet ol' time coming in, but she's got a little more of it, and her teeth are protruding more and more. Her volcabulary is increasing...although her words aren't very clear. And I've noticed that she's developing a lisp.
Peg: "Ashlyn, are you a good girl?"
Ashlyn: "No!"
Peg: "You have to say 'Yes!'"
Ashlyn: "Yeth!" HAHAHAHAHA!
She copying a lot and she's more animated. She loves climbing, jumping, baths, books, drawing, singing, dancing, and to run around like a crazed animal. She continues to sleep a total of 12 hours in a 24 hour period. Out of curiosity...is that normal?
She's really strong and enjoys lugging around heavy objects. Her curiosity still gets her into a lot of trouble.
She doesn't like red meat, but she'll devour any meat by-products (hot dog, spam, bologna, etc..). She doesn't like leafy greens either. She loves rice, pasta, bread (basically all carbs), tofu, seaweed, yogurt, peaches, oranges, strawberries, watermelon, bananas, and cucumbers.
I believe she's entering her Terrible Twos early. She doesn't listen or obey much anymore and she's very stubborn. Her big thing these days is throwing herself onto the ground kicking and screaming if she doesn't get her way. It can get pretty frustrating. It really depends on her mood....some days she's a perfect angel, and other days, I have to bite my fist from going insane. I suppose it's all a part of parenthood. My friends and I agreed that we've been spoiled by how good and easy-going she used to be. Now she's growing up and it's becoming more of a challenge. Overall, she's still pleasant and easy-going. I consider myself very lucky to have her. I can't imagine anything more fun and fullfilling than to spend my days watching her grow. =D

Today Ashlyn and I stayed in. The past couple of days have been busy for us both. I did laundry and watched "The Wiggles" and "Barney" with Ashlyn. By afternoon, I got us ready for Sarah's wedding rehersal and dinner.

Sarah and Parkin's wedding rehersal went pretty smooth. The church coordinator was very strict and militant...kinda reminded me of an old grade school teacher...and we ran through everything a couple of times.
Ever since Sarah asked Ashlyn to be a flower girl, I've been a nervous wreck. With Ashlyn's every changing personality, I really didn't know how she would do. At rehersal, she walked down the aisle nicely with Sarah's second-cousin, Jo. But during the rest of the rehersal, she was running around, climbing all over the pews, grabbing all the bibles, and yelling "Mama!" the whole time. Oli tried keeping her occupied, but she would run away from him. I really wished Aric was there. =( I don't know if she'll be able to walk down the aisle this Saturday, but Sarah reassured me that if she can't, she won't have to. *wrinkle brow* I guess we'll see.

After rehersal, we went to Broadway Prime in Burlingame. I really like a lot of the restaurants in Burlingame...specifically on Broadway Street. The restaurants are cozy with it's own distinct decor. Broadway Prime is owned and operated by previous employees of House of Prime Rib, so the food and service was excellent.
We took up most of the upper level of the restaurant and dined on generous cuts of prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, creamed corn, creamed spinach, and garlic mashed potatoes. Sarah's mom was so cute...she kept coming by to fill up everyone's wine glass and would toast us. *Aw yeah!* My kinda lady! hehehehe

Sarah and Parkin presented the wedding party with generous gifts. The bridal party got silver wreath-like necklaces to match the bride's for the wedding day, and a wrap made of the same material as our bridesmaids dresses (in case we get chilly that day). =)

We wrapped up dinner around 10:30 and Ivy, Oli, Ashlyn, and I made our way home.

1316 Broadway
Burlingame, CA 94010-3426
Tel: (650) 558-8801

Pictures from tonight:

Ashlyn and Jo

Sarah and Parkin

our table

Ivy and Oli

Jason and Parkin

Tabitha and Sarah


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