Best wishes for your birthday and all the days to follow! *HUGS*

Today Ashlyn and I had lunch with my parents, Sis, and their business partners by their office. Everyone wanted to see the baby and to see how big she's grown. My sister's boss played with Ashlyn the whole time. It was really cute.

Afterwards, Ashlyn and I went to Valley Fair. I needed to get some shoes for Sarah's wedding. I didn't have any luck finding shoes. I was in search of black strappy open-toe heels. But all the strappy shoes nowadays have a super thin heel....like stillettos. I know that I wouldn't be able to last a whole day running around on heels like that. I was looking for something with a thicker heel. *sigh*
In any case, I did find a pair of shoes for Ashlyn....at Stride Rite. It was the same shoe I wanted to get last time, but didn't because of poor customer service. I was surprised to find it $10 cheaper than at South Coast Plaza. *WOO-HOO!*

Ivy found us at Stride Rite. It was pretty amazing considering how many stores are in Valley Fair and I didn't tell her where I would be. She must have a honing-device. HAHAHA!
We walked around and finally headed back to her place.

Sarah came over shortly after so we could pick up our dresses from the seamstress. At Lydia's, we tried on our dresses again. Both Sarah and Ivy's dresses needed to be taken in. Sarah's cabbage soup diet is working a little too well. Her dress was a bit loose. Lydia had to keep the dresses an extra day to take it in a couple of inches. We were all in disbelief. Maybe I should try the cabbage soup diet. hehehe

Wil and Bett were with us, and we decided to go to Chevy's for dinner in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Everyone and their mothers must have thought the same way because the line for Chevy's was really long. We had a nice dinner and went back to Ivy's to work on some of the favors for Sarah's wedding. Finally, Sarah's putting us to work. To date, she's been doing everything herself. She's really organized and ontop of things. She calls herself "Bridezilla", but I beg to differ. I wished all brides were as pleasant as her.

Ashlyn was really fussy tonight. She gets careless and clumsy when she gets fussy or tired. She fell and banged her head on the concrete in Ivy's parking garage on our way back from dinner. She wailed for almost an hour and finally cried herself to sleep. Poor child. Sometimes I feel bad that unlike other kids, whose parent's work around their schedule, Ashlyn has to work around mine. She must be so tired from being out all day and not getting in a nap. Heck, even I'm tired from being out all day. *YAWN!*

Pictures from today:

Ashlyn playing at Valley Fair

Sarah and Wil

Bett, Ivy, and Ashlyn, and me

me and my munchkin

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