Last night before we left Darwin and Angel's wedding, a bunch of us planned to hang out today.
Wing, Em, Cin, Matty, Bett, Chewie, Ashlyn, and I all met up at Ivy's house and went to dim sum in Sunnyvale. The dim sum place was aiight...not the best, but it was the closest. Afterwards, Aaron and Mayu joined us, and we went to Wolfe Plaza for boba and snacks. We also hit up Fry's.

At Fry's, we all kinda dispersed and I had no idea who had the baby:
Peg: "where's Ashlyn?"
Cin: "oh, Matt took her to the book section."

Walked to the book section.

Peg: "where's Ashlyn?"
Matty: "I dunno...Aaron took her."


Peg: "who has Ashlyn?"
Aaron: "Ivy has her in the phone section."


Peg: "where's my baby?"
Ivy: "I think Mayu has her in CDs."

Walked over to CDs

Peg: "is Ashlyn with you?"
Mayu: "Oli's walking around with her."

*sigh* I kept walking and finally found her with Matty who was feeding her some of his mochaccino. HAHAHAHA! Crazy! I walked all around the store and barely got to shop. Oh well. I did pick up a couple of "The Wiggles" DVDs for Ashlyn.

She currently LOVES "The Wiggles". I don't know why...their songs aren't very creative (ie..."Hot potato, Hot potatooooo...Cold spaghetti, cold spaghettiiiiiii, mashed banana, mashed bananaaaaa.." That's it. *shrug*

The rest of the afternoon we hung out at Ivy and Oli's. For dinner, Wil, Ivy, Oli, Cin, Matty, and I had dinner with my parents and their friends at this lil' hole-in-the-wall (literally). It was cool though. There was karaoke and dancing.

By 9pm, Wil and I headed to the airport to pick up Tony. *YAWN* It was a long day....FUN, but long. =)

Hope you had a funfilled weekend!

Wing playing with Ashlyn

Big smile!

Aaron, Oli, Wing, Matty, and Chewie

Ashlyn, Bett, Cin, me, Ivy, Em, and Mayu

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