CONGRATULATIONS to Darwin and Angel!

Wil and I spent a busy day running errands, attending one of my mom's Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce events, and getting ready at Ivy's. With only 35 minutes to spare, Oli got us from Sunnyvale to Daly City in time for the nuptuals. *WHEW!*

Darwin and Angel's wedding was held at the beautiful Lake Merced Golf and Country Club in Daly City. I didn't even know there was a golf course in Daly City...it's pretty well hidden.
The ceremony was nice and got me all teary. The cocktail reception following was a great opportunity to sip champagne, nibble on some appetizers, and mingle and catch up with many old and new friends. Wing bought all the girls a round of kamakaze shots (that went straight to my head). hehehe

The banquet was gorgeous. The entire room overlooked the golf course. Aaron took to the mic as he introduced the wedding party and the newly wed couple. We dined on prime rib, enjoyed the speeches, games, and dancing.
Angel's uncle, who is a dance instructor, led all the guests in the Chimmy-Cha-Cha and Electric Slide. hehehehe

This was the first wedding I've attended that was "Black-Tie Only". It kinda felt like prom. Everyone looked smashing!
My girlfriends and I happened to wear dresses in either black or red. Everyone wondered if we planned to do that (which we didn't)...but red or black would be the only colors I would buy for formal dresses anyhow. But that's just me. =)

All in all, it was a fun evening and I'm really happy for Darwin and Angel! =D

Pictures from tonight:

the ceremony

me and Em

Cin, Ivy, Em, Wil, me, Bett, and Mayu at the cocktail reception

Ivy and Oli

Disco-Dan and Beth

Wing and Em

bride and groom make their grand entrance

first dance

lion dancing

our table

me and Bett

cake cutting

with Angel

the Happy Couple!

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