Happy Friday! My drive up yesterday went smoothly. I left after meeting Aric for lunch at L&L's in Costa Mesa. Ashlyn rode up front again, and I took my time. Amazingly, I made it to my parents' house in 5 1/2 hours!...my best time yet. *WOO-HOO!*
I spent a nice evening at home with my family.

Today Sis and I hung out and had lunch at Wolfe Plaza. The weather turned cold and it started pouring. The weather always seems to turn cold whenever I come up. =( We had porridge, walked around, and grabbed Q-Cup before picking up my nieces from school.

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out at Sis'. The girls played and watched TV while Sis and I fiddled around with new software on her computer.

Tonight a bunch of us met up for dinner and a movie in Union City. We grabbed a quick bite at Fuddruckers and lined up early for X-MEN:2.
Sarah and Parkin are doing the "cabbage soup" diet, and I'm totally impressed by their strict discipline.
As we stood in line, some of us munched on candy and sipped icees. Sarah has extreme self control and didn't seem bothered by our snacking. But poor Parkin looked miserable. He was reduced to a piece of sugarless gum...and watching him savoring it was heartwrenching. *cringe* =(

The movie was great! It was full of action and exciting visuals. Never having followed the comic book, I was able to enjoy it without worrying about accuracy. Wolverine, Storm, Jean Gray, Cyclops, Rogue, Mystique, and Lady Deathstrike looked awesome! I walked out of the theater wanting to be a mutant. HAHAHAHA!

My only complaint had nothing to do with the movie itself....just the sucky theater we were in. The sound kept cutting in and out...especially toward the end...when it got really good. The sound was barely audible. Luckily, we were able to get reimbursed for our tickets. *RIGHT ON!*

Sonny, who was at the same theater (watching the same movie but at a different time), came out to say "HELLO". I'm sure he'll have much more to say about the movie. hehehe

I got home around midnight and picked up my sleeping baby from my parents' bed. My mom said that she was such a good girl tonight. =)
As I tucked Ashlyn into my bed, I noticed her pajamas were on backwards. HAHAHAHA! Hilarious! It's not Mom's fault...Ashlyn has these fobby pjs that Aric bought in China. The buttons are supposed to be in front...but otherwise, you can't tell the difference. HAHAHAHA! *slap knee*

When I talked to Aric tonight, he told me that got a new car! Damn, the boy moves fast! Just a couple of days ago, he told me that he was interested in getting a car... I didn't realize he was going to get one THIS soon! =O
Aric got the Lexus IS300. He loves that car....he's been wanting one ever since it came out in 2001. *YAY!* I'm so happy and excited for him!
It's probably time to retire his beloved Civic anyway. That thing is barely street legal...the exhaust is way too loud and the ride is super bumpy. Nevertheless, selling the Civic will be tough on Aric....all the sentimental attachments and countless weekends (and $$$) invested on generating more horsepower. *sigh* Hopefully we'll find it a good home.

What an eventful day! Have a great weekend!

Pictures from today and night:

Amanda and Chris

Ashlyn hangin' with her cousins

me and Sis

Bett, Ivy, Oli, and Wil at Fuddruckers

Parkin, Matty, me, Cin, and Sarah

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