...da heck?!

Ashlyn's a mess. She's just getting over a nasty cold, then had prolonged fever for a few days, and now she broke out in a rash! It must have been something she ate yesterday. But I can't be sure. We didn't give her anything out of the ordinary. My poor baby! I spent the day on the phone with her pediatrician, watching her closely, and giving her all sorts of drugs (antibiotic, Tylenol, and Benadryl). *sigh* Good thing we have a follow up appointment tomorrow.

Today was quiet...had a nice dinner at home with the hubby and baby. Watched TV and worked on backloading the last NorCal trip's journals. Still working on getting the Japan/Taiwan journals up, but it might not be up for a whiles. =/

Here are some pics of Ashlyn from a couple of weeks ago:




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